Hong Kong Residence: Live in a serviced apartment that offers hotel room amenities

Hong Kong Residence: Live in a serviced apartment that offers hotel room amenities

We all, at some point, seek comfort in the places that we stay in whilst traveling and we immediately think of luxury hotels to be the ideal haven. However residing in one can be very expensive on a long-term basis, so now there are also other lodging types that can be considered for the same luxury but at a fraction of the cost. These lodgings such as serviced apartments Hong Kong are idea and you can get the chance to stay in your preferred length of stay, at just a minimum cost. In addition, you get to have both the comfort of being at home and in a hotel all in one.

What makes an apartment serviced?

For starters, a serviced apartment in Hong Kong is a living space that is provided with a certain kind of assistance. You can expect to receive help when it comes to the maintenance of your flat, or when it comes to cleaning it. Most apartment providers actually offer daily housekeeping in their packages. So you’ll no longer have to worry about doing some of the usual household chores. It’s like having your very own hotel room service, only that is being done in your own flat.


If you’ve ever stayed in a traditional hotel, then you’ll know that it generally consists of the usual bedroom and private bathroom. A managed apartment on the other hand, offers the full experience as it also offers a fully equipped kitchen. This type of layout definitely resembles that of a regular dwelling place. So staying in a managed flat helps make the whole ambiance feel more laid-back (this goes without having to sacrifice all the home and hotel comforts).

The benefits of apartment living

One of the benefits of staying in a managed flat is that you get to choose your preferred length of stay. Unlike hotels where you only get to settle-in for just a short time (since it can get too expensive as you reside longer), serviced flats on the other hand can offer you a long-term residence. The prices of the apartments are usually cheaper by 30% compared to most hotels. So if you’re settling for a month to a year, your lodging expenses will still be a lot cheaper as opposed to residing in a hotel room.


Where to find Hong Kong’s finest serviced flats


If you’re looking for a managed apartment that will provide you the best features of a hotel, then you can certainly rely on any of the V Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong. All of the V flats can be easily accessed by public transportation; and there are also several dining spots and shopping centres nearby.


What to expect from a serviced flat?


You will definitely enjoy your stay in the serviced apartments as they offer not only the cosiest rooms, but also the latest amenities and technologies. Take for example V Causeway Bay, the serviced flat offers an interesting layout that boasts of private roof garden apartments that shows panoramic city views. Apart from that, the V apartment also affords their residents access to their V Play (barbeque facilities), as well as complimentary use of their Wi-Fi connection.


Every apartment is also furnished with a cable-installed 42” Plasma TV, and a DVD player. Each living space is also arranged with a fully equipped kitchen (stocked with fresh herbs, comes with Le Creuset cookware, kitchenware), bedroom (comes with crisp starched linens, feathery soft pillows) and private bathroom (comes with a rainshower unit, bathtub, LCD TV, toiletries).


The V serviced flat also offers several conveniences such as housekeeping (with towel and linen changes), airport limousine pick-up, and a 24-hour security service. They also provide access to their self-service laundry facilities and business center services.

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