Hotel Matinlahti

Hotel Matinlahti A Place to Stay in a Nice Wooded Area

Hotel Matinlahti

Hotel Matinlahti is a hotel we stayed at just outside of Helsinki, Finland. It was part of a Contiki tour we were doing.

The hotel is easily accessible by bus from the Kamppi bus station (15-20 min trip), and is located in the middle of a forest, with a few houses here and there.

The staff is friendly, speaks English pretty well, after checking in, besides the keys for your room, you get a cable for the free broadband Internet connection, and discount coupons for dinner, which is only served during working days.

The hotel is in a beautiful area and within walking distance from a lake w/ beach volleyball, playground and other water activities. The breakfast buffet (inc. w/ room price) was very good and nice variety of items to choose from. Besides the standard rooms, they also have a dormitory there.

There is WiFi connection in the lobby, for which you can get a login/password which expires after a few hours, then you need to request another one. There was only one computer available as well, so get in line!

Rooms are really simple, but clean. The bathroom in our room was really small. There seemed to be many Russian guests staying in the hotel.

About the Breakfast buffet, It had pancakes and toast and coffee and bacon. Was really done well and I would eat that again.

Overall, good place to stay if you don’t like being in big city. As well lots of peace and quiet out here.

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