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As someone who made her best friends in college, staying in touch with them on the regular is a huge priority in my life. However, this can be a problem, because I have in Miami, one of them lives in Dallas, one in San Francisco, one in Maine, and one in Atlanta! We are scattered entirely around the perimeter of North America, and it could not be more frustrating if we don’t have

That’s why we make it a priority each year to plan a trip together, for about a week (or a little less, because, let’s be realistic, we do have jobs and lives). For the first five years out of college, we simply rotated: we a trip in Maine, one in Miami, one in Dallas, one in San Francisco, one in Atlanta. Those were nice and easy because we didn’t have to worry about where to stay or what to do once we got there.

We simply stayed with whoever lived in that city, she took us to her favorite restaurants, we hung out with her friends, voila. It was a great way to get to know each of our best friends’ cities, and we really enjoyed doing that.   Unfortunately, the last trip we did like that was San Francisco, and so we vaguely talked about cycling back to the beginning and doing this year’s in Maine once again. However, now that we are in our late 20s,and early 30’s  we have things like family responsibilities. This model was becoming unsustainable, and we universally agreed it was time to move on and pick a neutral site, a strange place we could explore together. For our inaugural neutral site trip, we decided to pick New Orleans, a city none of us knew much about, but that we had always wanted to explore.

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What could be better than exploring it together?   The most annoying part of this decision was that it meant we then had to find somewhere to stay. Five is a weird number when you are trying to book a hotel; four is usually the standard, and none of us wanted to crowd into a four-person room at this stage in our lives. There was a time for that, and it was college, not now. So we were faced with the prospect of trying to figure out where to stay in a city that none of us knew absolutely anything about, which is a completely daunting exercise.   That’s when one of my friends suggested, the online booking resource.
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We had been trying to use Orbitz or Travelocity or one of those similar sites, but the problem with those multipurpose resources is that they make it incredibly difficult to just book a hotel; they want you to book flights, and cars, and package deals, and everything else. is much more simple and straightforward; they give you exactly what you need, and none of the fluff that is associated with planning a vacation.   The website was super easy to use. You just typed in the name of the city you wanted to visit, the date of check in, the date of check out, and how many adults you had (crucial for an odd number of visitors like us) and there it was, your options! We played around with that feature for awhile until one of the girls noticed a tab labeled “Hotel Deals.” Out of curiosity (and a desire to save money), we clicked on that to discover a landing page exactly like the one we had been on, but one specifically devoted to finding us deals in the city of our choice. 40% Off

We just had to enter exactly the same basic information, and it showed us hotels that were up to 40% off! We couldn’t believe it. How easy is that?   What was also great about using the site was that included reviews of each hotel right there on the search page. We didn’t have to open up another tab to independently check the hotels on TripAdvisor or Yelp; someone had already done that research for us. It was so easy to save the time associated with that step.   We did notice that also had a section to find flights and packages, which I’m sure would be useful if you wanted to plan that aspect of your trip. We didn’t need it, as we were all coming from different cities with different plans and kind of just wanted to do our own thing in that department, but it was there had we hypothetically wanted it.

Again, one of the best things about was that streamlined nature of the site; we could just focus on booking the hotel, which was our primary purpose.   We found a great hotel that totally fit our needs, and just booked it right on right there; no need to visit the website of the hotel itself or call any numbers. Once we got to New Orleans, it was just as if we’d made the reservation through the hotel itself; check-in didn’t feel any different, it was easy, and we were able to get right into our room, unpack, and begin exploring a new city together!   The point I really want to stress again was how nice it was to find a room that accommodated five people easily. Canada: Border City Bargains!
We weren’t cramped into a room meant for four, nor did we have to spend extra money on a room intended for six or eight. I can’t tell you how much clicking around we did on other websites to try to do just that. We wasted so much time trying to find a reservation for five. made it just so incredibly easy; I can’t believe other websites don’t have that option as readily available. So strange, but thanks,!   In the end, I will probably never use another website to book a hotel. I seriously can’t believe how easy and straightforward this process was, and I do foresee quite a few more girls’ trips in my future. I’ll use it to book all those, and even more traditional trips for just two or four, simply because my experience was so great. Thanks so much,! Save big NOW on all hotel bookings with Up to a $100 Cash Back Rebate with code REBATES17! Book by 12/31/17, Travel by 1/31/18. 


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