How To Eat Lobster

How To Eat Lobster The Great Lobster Experience

8486640_s How To Eat LobsterAnyone who loves to travel knows the enjoyment that comes with eating while traveling. There is something about travel that makes food taste better and How To Eat Lobster. Whether it is ordinary food that takes on a new taste or the chance to indulge in special foods, travel is a great opportunity for eating. One of my favorite foods any day is seafood. But when I am traveling, one treat I indulge in when I find the right place is lobster. And I am not talking about just lobster claws or tails with a meal, I mean the whole lobster! Having eaten my share of lobsters, I thought it would be fun to offer this article to my readers- helpful tips for all things lobster. Here you will find tips for how to eat lobster, some suggestions on ways to cook and enjoy lobster, and some palaces to try lobster.
How to Eat Lobster
Grab a bib or napkin to protect your shirt. If you have ever eaten crab or lobster before you know how far that salt water can splatter when you crack the shells.
Snap off the claws by breaking or twisting them off at the joint of the main body. Take your hammer, nutcracker, or other utensil and crack the claws and break them open.
Remove the meat from the claws. Getting it out in one piece is great but pulling it out in pieces too is just fine.
Next, separate the tail from body. This can be done by bending the tail back against the natural bend of the tail. It will crack or break, usually along the base of the tail.17235134_s How To Eat Lobster
At the tip of the tail are the small flippers that can be removed. Clean off any of the succulent meat that might be stuck to them.
With the flippers removed, there is now an opening at both ends of the tail. Insert a fork into the end where the flippers where and push. The tail meat should slide out the other end.
With the body of the lobster, you can either cut down the middle of the back with a sharp knife or crack it open by hand.
The meat inside can be pulled out with a fork. This is also where the liver of the lobster is. Some people claim it is the best part of the lobster, but I have never been brave enough to try- I don’t like liver.
Don’t forget the meat that can be found in the small claws and legs of the lobster. The easiest way to get to this part is to crack them open and then suck the meat out as if you were drinking from a straw.
Make sure you have not missed one bite of the decadent meat. Once you are done, sue your handy wipes to clean up.
Restaurant Lobster
10518315_s How To Eat LobsterIt may not be rocket science to figure out how to eat a lobster, but what about finding the best places to eat lobster while traveling? Fortunately there are many options available to you in most places that are able to get lobster.
During the course of my travels there have been many places I have tired lobster at. For me, there are three main categories I can group these places into. First is the high class restaurant. Second is the casual or family style restaurant. Third is the off the beaten path bar and grill type of establishment. I have enjoyed lobster at all of these various establishments and they have been wonderful.
High class restaurants offer high end dinning with elegance, style, and class. Restaurants of this caliber often have strict dress codes and a reservations only policy. They also will often specialize in seafood. I have enjoyed delicious lobster at these restaurants while on business trips; they offer a great way to meet with clients in a professional atmosphere. They also give plenty of opportunity to impress.
Family style restaurants allow for a more relaxed feeling but still allow for a special occasion that calls for a dress or suite rather than jeans and a t-shirt. Children are allowed in these establishments, which is one of the main things that separate them from the higher end restaurants. I like eating lobster at these places because I can be relaxed and I don’t have to worry as much about how I look as I’m trying to suck lobster meat from a claw.
Bars and grills offer great food at usually very reasonable prices. The atmosphere is as laid back and carefree as you can get. There is no dress code and everyone is welcome to pull up a chair or stool and enjoy some good seafood. These are my favorite establishments to visit when I am traveling with the guys. We don’t have to worry about getting stuff on our shirts and there is no one there that we are trying to impress. It is just us and delicious lobster.
Wherever it is that you go to enjoy your lobster, keep one thing in mind. The price, mood, and experience will vary lobster How To Eat Lobsterdepending on where you go. Just because a high end restaurant is more expensive does not always mean they have better lobster. Some of the best seafood I have ever eaten has been from mom and pop type establishments. So consider your price, your mood, and what experience you are looking for. Then go, book your reservation or take a drive down the back roads, and enjoy some fresh lobster today!

Buying and Preparing Lobster
The final collection of tips I present to you today is on how to prepare lobster at home. From cooking to delicious dishes to try, here are some the pearls of wisdom I have gained over the years.
Know the difference between a hard shell and soft shell lobster. Soft shell means the lobster recently shed so the new shell has not hardened fully. The meat of these lobsters is more succulent and sweet and easier to get, but the lobster itself is more fragile and can be damaged easier during transport and handling.
The longer it has been caught the less sweet the meat. Lobsters store up proteins and nutrients while in the ocean where they are feeding all the time. When they are caught and put in a tank, they are unable to feed. During this time, they live off those stores of nutrients. It is those nutrients that make the meat so sweet and tender so the longer the lobster sits in a tank the duller and tougher the meat will be.
A little trick for finding the newest lobster in the cramped tank at the store or restaurant is to look at the antennae. Lobsters will eat each other’s antennae and a lobster that has been in the tank for a long time will have short antennae or none at all. To find the freshest lobster, look for ones with long antennae.
600px-Boiled_Maine_Lobster How To Eat LobsterWhen cooking the lobster, if possible try to steam cook it rather than boiling. Some argue that with boiling some of the flavor leeches out into the water. Steam cooking helps keep the sweet juices inside as the meat cooks. I personally have had them both ways and both have been just as tasty and delicious.
Bigger is not always better when it comes to selecting your lobster. Lobster meat is about sweetness and delicacy not quantity. You want the best meat not necessarily the most. Smaller lobsters in the 1-1 ½ pound range are generally the ones with the sweetest meat.

Lobster Recipes

These are some of the best lobster dishes I have had during my travels. Many of these recipes can be found online.
Lobster Stuffed Ravioli with Steamed Vegetables
Lobster Rolls with Cheese Sauce
Lobster Bisque with Garlic Toast
Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab Alfredo
Lobster Risotto
Lobster Tail Stir Fry
Lobster Salad on Garden Greens
Lobster Breakfast Biscuits
Lobster, Shrimp, and Steak Kebobs
Lobster Chili

Hopefully this trip down seafood lane has made you hungry for some delicious lobster. I know I am ready to taste that sweet meat again!

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