How to stay fit on travel

While visiting the world How to stay fit on travel

While visiting the world and learning all those new and interesting things about other cultures and people’s lifestyle is more than fascinating to many travelers, keeping your eating and fitness habits could be really sabotaged and quite challenged.

It is common to gain a few (and maybe more than just a few!) pounds once we step foot out of the comforts and daily routine of our homes. Diet and workouts are best common how to stay fit even on travel. and there is a boatload or reasons for that. It seems that even the most disciplined can’t find a way to resist to all the gobs of food that are not close to healthy but there is much more than that.

But, let’s take it from the beginning…

STEP 1: Airport waiting lounge

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Airport waiting lounge

Problem: Traveling means waiting and while waiting your adrenaline levels and stress hormones fire up, thus leaving you with a (natural)sense of aggravation and desire to crave any sugary and high-calorie kind of food you can find at your reach and get back to feeling balanced within again.  Of course, that way you not only bounce back your stress levels to normal but also add thousands of calories in your diet, since a blueberry crumb cake from Starbacks can be translated as 800 extra calories for you to digest. What is worse, all airport food courts are full of high-carbohydrate and high-sugar foods that strongly spike your insulin blood levels and open the doors to fat storage.

Solution: Remember what your mom used to do every time you were having a school excursion? Lunch pack. So, next time you plan to travel somewhere around the globe, make sure you have your carry-on bags with your favorite travel-friendly tuna salad, beef jerky, crackers, meal-replacement bars and shakes that are ready to drink. As for energy bars and snacks that most of us usually buy while waiting at the airport territories, it would be more preferable to look for the ones that will allow our bodies to ingest at least 20 grams of protein.

Step 2: The Flight

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Stay fit

Problem: We all know that the air inside the airplane is dry, perhaps as dry as the Sahara desert (as many experts claim). Being exposed to a dry environment and breathing dry air causes body dehydration and consequently leads to feeling beaten down. Ever wondered why flights make you so tired? Now, you know who’s to blame. However, we wouldn’t be talking about fatigue due to dry airplane air, if it wasn’t a factor that urged us to eat more as a way to fight it.

Solution: Start a solid liquidation campaign that will initiate long before you sit in your plane seat. Drink about a glass of water (and maybe a little more that a glass) before your flight and make sure you have a bottle of approximately 16 ounces of water along with you throughout the entire flight’s duration. Those 16 ounces of water are an adequate amount of liquid for a 2-hour flight, so for every extra 2 hours of being in the air you should have equal 16-ounce bottles with you.

As for food, a good friend of mine and a great world traveler once told me to skip any food while flying that has «pas» in its name, like pasta and prefer protein dishes, like chicken and fish. Moreover, having some fresh vegetables with your meal is welcomed and your body will also thank you for that.

Finally, it you want something that will not only fill you up but also keep you that way then a blasting snack that includes nuts or fruit and a glass of milk (1% fat) is the best you could ask for as it is a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Step 3: Get a work-out schedule

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work-out schedule

Problem: It is easy for all to stick to our daily or regular work-out schedule, but it is a bit far-fetched when on the road. The nasty thing about it is that our bodies get used to a standard way and rate of exercising and once it is skipped or overlooked our body automatically gains a few pounds that are enough to make us feel our belts tightened. Especially for men, the American College of Sports and Medicine’s review board has concluded that a man needs to exercise at least 2.5 hours a week just to keep their weight as it is.

Solution: Set a schedule prior to your travel and most importantly STICK to it no matter what. Since a certain time slot will have been filled with your work-out program, it would be easier to politely refuse an impromptu dinner as you would have another pre-set engagement.

Another solution that appeals to many people is to hire a personal trainer, although I am not particularly fond of such an option, since later on we will find out that working out has nothing to do with bars and barbells. However, if you insist of getting some weights lifted, you can still use your hotel’s gym (if one) and make yourself at home!

Of course there are travelers that seek out for the closest gyms, fitness centers and sports groups and follow their routine exercising program, but I think it is highly unlikely that being in a state when you are on the road most of the time will allow anyone to have such a daily schedule. On the other hand, if the hotel where you are staying has a pool, you could benefit from it and treat water for about a quarter of an hour. That should be enough to get things going in your system!

Step 4: You Booze, You Loose

Problem: Whether you are abroad for business or pleasure it is more likely that you will end up drinking more alcohol that you normally do at home, either while talking business with clients over a rich meal or hanging out with friends and getting to know how life is at night in the place you have gone. Both ways, you will be granted with some extra pounds in no time, maxing out your clothes in a fast pace.
A part from that, your willpower is compromised by alcohol and it is probable that your eating plan will fly out the window within seconds.

Solution: Modesty is the key in this case. Drink as if you are at home. Better stick to Bloody Mary or make a list, before you set out for a destination, with low-calorie drinks and abide by it.

As for diners or meals with business associates, clients or friends better choose protein rich food to make you feel full and a nice healthy salad.

Don’t be allured by the «I am allowed to eat whatever I want because I am traveling» notion as you will definitely have clothes that won’t fit at the end of your journey.

Step 5: Be Creative

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Be Creative

Problem Leaving your home and the day in-day out routine schedule that included regular workout means that you run the risk of gaining weight. Nevertheless, you can fight that prospective in the easiest way ever.

Solution:  I have a friend that used to be a gym rat, but was forced to be on the road for nearly 5 months with only a backpack to live on and constant moving from city to city every few days. Well, he found the most resourceful ways to keep in the great shape he was before leaving for his trip and he was not the least bit embarrassed to be seen working out with a sturdy tree branch, a swing set or a bus stop overhang! He actually did dumbbell rows with his suitcase and he used a table to do body weight rows.

As for the ladies, it is more convenient to set the alarm half an hour earlier in the morning and enjoy a nice stoke in the block, at a time when there is no craziness going around. Some jogging and shopping (women’s enthusiasm never lets them walk slowly!) are just as good exercise, although they could also use their bottles of water to do some weights themselves! Anyway, there will always be a small patch of land waiting for you to do some jump-rope exercises, push-ups and squats. Furthermore, the open space in front of your hotel bed’s (or beside it) makes perfect for practicing Pilates or Yoga, so why miss the opportunity?

Bottom line; remember to keep moving, regardless of the kind of movement.

Another point to stress out is this: Allow your body to adjust to any time differences between your home and the visiting country and get some rest. Leave your brain some space to work unstressed and watch yourself be in great spirits after a good night’s sleep. After all, keeping yourself in a good mood doesn’t leave any excuses for junk eating!


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Set a Goal

Bound yourself to a commitment that you will make any effort to be in better shape that you were yesterday, so keep track of everything you do as a means of working out and plan ahead.

Of course the key to your success (or failure) is eating right and healthy, so get all the energy you need from your food choices and your daily motion and allow yourself to be more conscientious about food and exercise patterns and habits.

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There is no reason why you should miss the chance to live an outstanding travelling experience that would keep you fit, healthy and happy!



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