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June 16th, 2007

Well this is my description of my time in Ibiza. So we got and missed out one night in Ibiza. That gave me another 2 more nights here which was ok.

It is a place were its is slow living and relaxed. You are supposed to take your time in doing things here so best not to be too busy.

Anyhow for the 2 days I am here I am going to combine with days into one blog portion.
For both days , I got up and got up late in the morning.

I was able to explore this amazing and historic town, the buildings here are quite amazing. I took many many photos of this area. It is so nice, wished I was able to stay longer.

I spent time at the beach with the group. On the beaches here you see so many different types of breasts, its unbelievable. As topless beaching is legal here and you see so much types of that here, its like paradise.

The water is quite clean on the beach and is cool to go into. We ate at the hotel area pub and had good food, nothing great but it was lots of fun.

Also lots of drinking, we had a good night at this one pub and had lots of San Miguel, Then we went off to a night club , Pacha, which was crazy expensive, like 25 euros to enter and drinks were over 15 euros. It was a good night and everyone had lots of fun.

The last night we all went to other side of the island to San Anton to Café de Rey. To watch the sun go down. It was quite unique as people go crazy party here to just watch the sun go down.

We have a few drinks and a big big bill after it is all done. Overall it was a great time in Ibiza, we had a good party time and everyone was happy.

This was the end of the tour of Spain, we say are good byes and head back to the real world again.

As for myself, I am only halfway, I am off to Greece tomorrow and I am going to do a Cruise of the Greek Isles and Turkey.

Check out my blog on the Golden Fleece, it is amazing things there.

Stay tuned my fellow Travbuddies, I hope you enjoyed my Spain adventure.

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