Is the Isle of Wight set to be the UK’s next holiday hotspot?

Is the Isle of Wight set to be the UK’s next holiday hotspot?

The UK has a few places that often form the popular holiday destinations for Brits wanting to stay within their own country. The family traveller who doesn’t want to bother with all the faff of flying abroad and getting a hire car and exchanging
3520186276_31706d5a96their money is choosing to stay closer to home but still have a great time. So with that in mind, is the Isle of Wight set to be the next hot destination of choice for us Brits?

The hassle of abroad

For families in particular, heading on holiday abroad can be very expensive as well as a lot of effort. If you’ve ever tried to cram in three children, five lots of luggage and enough snacks to last you the drive to the airport, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Once you get to the airport, you pay extortionate prices to park, have to get all the kids and luggage out of the car, onto a trolley and get inside. You then have to get the family through security, through the gate and onto the plane while avoiding tantrums, travel sickness and complaints of ‘I’m bored’.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, there’s the trouble of sorting out the hire car, getting everyone and everything packed back into it and driving to the hotel. You then have to navigate around a place that doesn’t speak your language while trying your hardest to make sure the family are all happy and stick together. It’s surprisingly easy to lose a little one on a busy beach or market. With this in mind, is it really any wonder that people don’t want to bother with it all?

Awesome island

The Isle of Wight has a hell of a lot to offer people going on holiday there. As well as the now infamous Isle of Wight Festival held every summer, there are plenty of other activities to do. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends, alone or as a couple you will find something fun. The island is known for its dinosaurs so make sure you check out the various dinosaur-related activities on offer. The harbours give you pretty views of the sea and gorgeous beaches which are perfect for an early morning walk.

If you go at the right time of year, you can get involved in the big regatta for Cowes Week. You’ll see
Marbella beach with palms some spectacular boats during this festival and get a great tan if the weather behaves as well. The benefit of the Isle of Wight is that it feels like you’re going on a proper holiday, rather than a ‘stayc

ation’. The ferry trip over to the island isn’t particularly long and you can take your car with you but the fact that you have to move off-land to get there gives you the holiday vibe in a way that a week in Dorset just doesn’t quite do. You have the option of caravanning, camping, staying in a holiday park, a posh hotel or going self-catering so you can tailor the holiday to be exactly what you want it. Holidays in the Isle of Wight offer endless options so book your place on the ferry and get ready for a brilliant UK-based trip.

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