Italy on a budget: top ideas for your trip

Italy on a budget: top ideas for your trip


Italy is not the cheapest destination in Europe, however, that does not mean you have to spend a fortune when you travel there on your holiday. Budget trips to Italy are possible, and you just need to know where to look and what to do to save those euros without cutting back on having a good time.ital-MMAP-md

Here are some quick money-saving tips that can help you to cut down on your expenses the next time you plan your trip to Italy.

Stay just outside of the big cities

The cities of Italy are some of its star attractions. However, staying in the centre of a city can be the most expensive option. Instead, look for alternatives just outside the city to reduce your accommodation costs.

For example, if you want to explore Rome during your holiday, you can easily stay in one of the nearby towns where accommodation may be cheaper and travel into the city on the train. These could include Ostia or Frascati, which is only 13 miles away.

This is a good way to see more than one place during your holiday rather than just staying in one location. If you want to find out more about the opportunities of multi-centre holidays, check out a provider like Bellarome to see the options available.

Eat out for less

The food is one of the great draws of this country, but you can easily end up spending more than you had planned to if you are not careful. One way to save money is to have your big meal at lunchtime when many restaurants have fixed-price deals, and then stick to a smaller snack in the evening.

 Alternatively, head to an Aperitivo bar in the evening. These are places where you can get a drink along with some snacks, but the snacks can often be quite substantial.

You may also want to seek out ‘alimentari’ which are located all over the country. These are local grocers, and you will often be able to pick up a sizeable panini packed full of fresh ingredients, which can keep you going all through the day.

Look for free beaches

Spending a good amount of time on the beach is another thing that you probably have on your to-do list if you are planning Italy holidays in the summer, but many beaches in Italy are private. If you want to go to the beach without paying for the privilege, seek out the free beach that will be found in every town and save a bit more money.

Get a tourist pass when available

There are some good deals to be had when you are sightseeing in the larger cities, and they can help you to save some cash. One of the best is theRoma Pass for sightseeing in Rome. This lasts for three days and provides you with free access to some museums, reductions on others, and all your public transport. It is a bit pricey, but it could be worth it if you want to pack in a lot in a short space of time.

Travel out of season

One of the simplest ways to cut down on the amount you spend is to travel to Italy out of the main tourist season. Visit from October to May and you will likely be able to spend less on flights, accommodation, eating out and more.

See Italy for less

Italy may not be the cheapest destination in Europe, but you do not need to break the bank when you visit on your holiday. Instead, follow a few simple money-saving tips and have a great time while avoiding spending too much.

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