Journey 1

As we can all say life is a journey and you make it what you want. Which is really the truth. Coming from a personal aspect. As being a person who does lead an adventurous life. Having travel to many countries and quite involved in athletics.

There has always been one draw back to some of this and that is having a social anxiety. More less a case of shyness or at least sometimes hard to initiate or maintain just general social situations sometimes.

As having social confidence in some situations as able to go to work and do work related tasks. Or even day to day chores like going to a bank. Or able to travel around the world. To many different travel destinations is not a problem. Just the issue has always been to create a decent social situation.
More the issue has been to engage someone in small talk. Being hard to break the ice at times and get things started in regards to creating a conversation
Sometimes even if other side makes the conversation first it is hard to maintain the conversation in the feeling of not wanting to be there or wanting to just move on to my own activity. This is in some aspects has created my situation of maybe not experience some life events. As many do not exist of this aspect. Having been single forever, which is great actually, sometimes one comes to realize, maybe it could be ok to experience something else.

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