Keeping Your Elevator Manners

Keeping Your Elevator Mannersholding_door_answer_1_xlarge

Keeping Your Elevator Manners

As I was waiting for my turn on the elevator, a man came running towards my direction and positioned himself at my back. As soon as the elevator door opens and all the passengers were out, he immediately get inside not really thinking the likes of me should go first because of two things. First, I am a female (and ladies should go first and second I have been there first before he did.

I do not really mind situations like this. Let’s just say, I am used to it as it happens most of the time. You may not notice it but these things usually occur. Actually, I encountered this scenario wherever I go. For formality’s sake, I have made this list hoping for people to realize what they should and should not do when they are using the elevator.

Wait for your Turn

Normally, we will be standing in front of the elevator door for our turn. Once it opens, step aside a little to give way for the passengers going out. Wait until it is empty before you go in. Have you noticed how irritating it is when passengers are still going out and then one passenger tries to make his way in already?If I am not busy and I just need to go to the next floor, I might as well choose the stairs. One of the reasons why people opt to use the elevator is because they are in a hurry. Take this into consideration when you are about to go in. Everybody has their reasons for using the elevator. Kindly respect that.

Self Appointed Elevator Operator

If you find yourself near where the floor buttons are, get ready yourself to hear requests like ‘nine please’ or ‘basement please.’ It does not hurt to push those buttons I actually find it enjoying to do. It is like helping people (a bunch of people) in a very simplest way. Imagine, if you have a quota for helping people in one day, you can already achieve that within a few minutes while you are inside the elevator. Besides, you want others do that to you in case you are in their position, right?

Traveling with Kids

I watched the movie Serendipity once and there is a particular scene where the kid pressed all the floor buttons while the father just smiled – his way of apologizing for the kid’s behavior. As a passenger, you cannot do anything about it. You can try depressing the buttons to undo what has happened but it can be tiring especially if there are 40 floors (or more!). But as you, the parent of the kid, you can avoid this from happening. Keep your kids away from the buttons. Kids will always be kids and their favorite past time is playing. Kids are attracted to anything that lights up and is colorful and that is how elevator buttons are.  For everybody’s convenience, hold on to your kid’s hands and keep them away from the door. Better yet, let them be busy by giving them something they can focus on while they are inside the elevator.

Be Gentleman Enough

Yeah, maybe chivalry is dead but manners and etiquette are not yet. When it comes to elevators, let the woman get off or get in first. You might even impress someone by doing this. Hey, not just for the girls. If there is an elderly, disabled person, pregnant or person who is carrying a baby on the line, let them go in first.

Find the Best Place in the Elevator

Are you getting off just a few floors up or down? In this case, stand near the door. In this way, it would be easy for you to go out when it is your turn. Otherwise, it would be best if you go the farthest back. With this, you will not inconvenient other passengers in front of you when you are about to get out. Going up or down would be easier as well. In case you are near the door and someone behind you is going out, go out of the elevator for the meantime to make way for that person. Just go back in until no one is going out anymore.

Do Not Play with the Up and Down Buttons

It can be pretty boring while you are just waiting.Do not turn your boredom to pressing the up and down buttons. If you think by pressing it several times will make the elevator operates faster, this actually makes the waiting time longer. Look for something else to do or turn your music player on.

Be Considerate to Others

The space inside is very limited. I have experienced where a man did not even bother to step aside when passengers starts to pour in. He continues to talk on the phone mindless of the people around him. Well, somebody noticed and told him to make some space. He did, thank God! You do not need someone to tell you about this, right? You can actually see this thing. Just be considerate, that would be highly appreciated!

Tone it Down

Keeping Your Elevator Manners

When things are too busy in the office or you have matters in the house, you cannot help but to think about it even while you are eating or inside the elevator. Another instance is where your client decided to call you when you are inside the elevator (of all the time that he or she can call, right?). Have the time to respect situations like this. Avoid talking too loud with your colleague(s) or turn down the volume of your music player while inside the elevator. It will only be just for a few minutes so why not give way, right? Remember, your manners reflect the kind of person you are.  Elevator manners and etiquettes are not the kind where you need to be trained to know it. You can acquire it by being observant and through experience.


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