Knysna: Tourist hub of South Africa’s Garden Route region

Knysna: Tourist hub of South Africa’s Garden Route region

Have you ever dreamed of a traveling to place where you could see beautiful wild forests, golden beaches, and surreal lakes? If your answer’s “yes”, you should know that such heavenly place exists. Its name is Knysna and it is positioned on South Africa’s Western Cape Province. Situated on the shores of a wonderful lagoon, the area is everything you could ever ask for.

Knysna – a blissful destination for adventure travelers

If you’re fond of outdoor & leisure adventures you will fall in love with this area’s mountains, rivers, lakes, and beaches. Within the town there are countless flea-markets and craft shops, as well as plenty of charming cafes. Believe it or not, the region surrounding the town looks like the Garden of Eden. If you’re still not convinced, you should know that the forests that surround Knysna are famous not only for their elephants, but also for their large number of forest birds, waterfowl, whales, and dolphins. The canopy-forests surrounding Knysna form the biggest complex in South Africa, and the amazing richness provided by the Fynbos vegetation offers the Cape kingdom no less than 8000 different plant species.knysna - Exciting World Travels

Knysna Elephant Park

Nothing compares to exploring the forests that surround Knysna. Seeing so many elephants will baffle you, and it will be a unique experience that you will never forget. The imposing elephants wandering through the forest of Knysna Elephant Park will surely dazzle travelers looking to engage in the most thrilling adventure.

A visit to this city will make you feel as if you were in a wonderful geological wonder provided with colored cliffs that lead the way to the lagoon. A journey to the Eastern and Western Heads is compulsory, considering they’re home to the breathtaking views of the unique lagoon. The reserve can be reached via ferry, which means you’ll have the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes.

The Activities

Knysnas’s main street is provided with small shops and boutiques, and it’s an important part of the Garden Route and the N2 highway. Knowing that the town is a natural wonder, houseboat operators do their best to impress tourists by offering leisure vessels to the public. Most tourists choose to rent a houseboat because it provides them not only with outstanding accommodation, but also with an unbelievable chance to explore the surrounds of the town in a whole different way.

Dolphins can be viewed whenever you want, while the best moments to admire the whales are between August and September. If you’re looking for a unique adventure, you can opt for abseiling, skydiving, paragliding all over the coastline, top canopy tours, or even for scuba diving.

Knysna’s Culture


The N2 highway is home to a large number of local artists and crafters who have established galleries and studios that are definitely worth a visit. If you enjoy tasting exquisite dishes, visit the Knysna Oyster Festival that takes place annually and samples countless locally farmed delicacies. If you somehow missed the festival you shouldn’t worry, as these delicacies can be also tasted in the harbor.

The Attractions

The Knysna Waterfront along with the harbor are known for their amazing nightlife, as there are a large number or restaurants, clubs and bars where you can enjoy a nice cocktail and admire the sunset. Those who love golf will have a wonderful time on one of the exquisite gold courses located in Knysna and in its surrounding towns.

Another great attraction is known as the Choo-Choo steam train, which is chosen by tourists because it offers some outstanding views on the Garden Route. This train travels a 68-kilometer distance through the hidden valleys of Knysna, which cannot be accessed by car. Make sure that your seat is located by the window and your journey will be unforgettable.


Last but not least, you can’t leave Knysna without having a closer look at the Millwood Gold Mines. In 1885 there was plenty of alluvial gold found here, which made the destination an extremely famous travel spot. Jubilee Creek was the exact spot, and the beautiful picnic area is home to the area’s safest beach, Buffalo Bay.

South Africa’s Garden Route is an ideal travel destination for adventure travelers in love with the outdoors. The wildlife and abundant vegetation of the place will surely help you benefit from the most memorable getaway. Knysna is an important hub of the route as it hosts some pretty divine landscapes and destinations. Make sure to check it out if you want to get a real glimpse of the South African lifestyle.




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