Lake Titicaca /Homestay. More Peru Adventures

Lake Titicaca /Homestay. More Peru Adventures May 5th, 2009

Lake Titicaca /Homestay. More Peru AdventuresToday is another day, we are off to leave Puno and get on a boat and explore Lake Titicaca, then stop at the peninsula for a Homestay with another local family. Going to be a very busy day today, so start off with a breakfast of champions of cheese and buns.

We take a human powered tricycle to the waterfront of Puno and board our boat.

To explain the lake, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, sitting at 3820m above sea leve. From the shoreline the water stretches out almost as far as the eye can see, its expanses are waiting to be explored.

The lake is very blue and big and the water looks cold, its almost like being on Lake Superior.
We stop at the floating islands, known as Uros Islands where the Uros People live.
The Uros built the islands from many laters of totora reeds to isolate themselves from rival tribes.
As the reeds closest to the water begin to rot, more layers are added to the top. These reeds are used for making everything on the islands, including some of the boats.

We stop at two islands and check out the community, the people are very big on making clothing and crafts and lots of good buys.
We also take a ride on a reed boat to another Uro floating island.

After we are done we make our way to the peninsula and this is our homestay for the evening. The buildings are mudbrick made and the guest house I am in is quite nice.

Lake Titicaca /Homestay. More Peru AdventuresWe have lunch with the family and its first a big soup of potatoes then a big platter of veggies of huge vegetables.

Then its off to do our duties with the locals, in which we have to harvest potatoes. More less potato pick, which is harder then thought, as one has to be careful not to mash the potatoes. This is all under the watchful eye of our 5 year old foreman.

We carry the bag of potatoes back to the home area and then its siesta time till dinner.

Around 530pm it got dark out and the temperature dropped really cold, i had to put on many clothes in my room and was very cold.
Then dinner arrived and it was potato soup and meat and rice, which was very filling.

Then for evening we had to wear traditional clothes and participate in local dancing and music.
Was quite entertaining and good experience overall, to which I recommend to everyone to try once in their life.

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