Lares Trek – Peru – Day 1

Lares Trek – Peru – Day 1 May 9th, 2009

It is now time for the trek. I wanted to do the Inca Trail, but there was no space left for it, so I had to resort to the Lares Trek. The Lares Trek is an alternative to the classic Inca Trail and takes four days including one day in Machu Picchu. Instead of walking into Machu Picchu like the classic Inca Trail does, the Lares Trek ends at Ollantantaybo on the third day where you’ll take a train to Aguas Callientes to go to Machu Picchu by bus the next day.

Lares Trek - Peru - Day 1Which is gonna be a blast regardless. From last nights briefing I think I made a good decision on renting a sleeping bag and getting a thermal mattress. We are given a large duffel bag and allowed up to 6 kilos of stuff to pack into it.We are meet by our trail Guide Marco at hotel in Cuzco and we board our van for the journey to the Trail.
We drive for a long time in the mountains roads on some dirt roads arriving first at some open market and buy some bread to give out to the children we will be meeting along the way on the trek.

After a few hours we arrive at a nice spa resort area, a good way to start our trek. We meet our guide and our porters in a covered area for a lunch. Where we are feed a large feast of soup and bread etc. It is so far amazing.

We set off for the beginning of our journey going over some water crossings and up some hills.
The area has some villages nearby and there are some sheep can be seen in the distance.
Then we walked for about three hours climbing 700 meters to 3800 meters altitude.The road consisted of a dirt and stone road occasionally crossing a stream using big rocks lying in the stream. Luckily all we had to carry ourselves was our day-pack. On the way, we are greeted by many children along the way, in which we give out our gifts of bread we had bought earlier in the day, and the children take the bread with many big smiles. The sleeping bags and other baggage had been taken care of for us. The camping site was in a field near a farm in the village of Huacahuasi. The tents were set up between the excrement’s of Alpaca’s and goats.

We go to our meal tent for tea and are fed Nesquik and popcorn. This is amazing to which our cook made for us, then it was dinner time.
For dinner we are served Spaghetti and its amazing good, totally amazing, this cook guy is quite neat.
We are then served tea, dark or coca tea afterwards to wash everything down, and this is the best we had in a long time.

Then its off to bed for a good nights rest and its early now, like about 8pm but its camping and its dark, so sleep is good.
Stay tuned for day 2.

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