Leisure Bargains for Summer Vacation Fun

Leisure Bargains for Summer Vacation Fun

Families share mixed feelings about summer vacation.  On one hand, kids love the freedom and flexibility of school-free days, but at the same time, parents find frustration keeping kids entertained all summer.  Not only is it difficult to capture kids’ interest at times, but distracting them from summer boredom can also get expensive.

Fortunately, low-cost summer recreation is at hand for those who take the time to carve out budget-friendly entertainment options.  The key to consistent good times and summertime harmony is plotting your course through warm-weather recreation by making advanced preparations.  Though spontaneous outings and recreational activities arise, prudent parents keep a few stand-by options at the ready, to avoid discord among children on summer break.

Promotions, summer recreation leagues, free festivals and a host of other family-friendly activities furnish bread and butter resources for parents on a budget.  The following discount leisure pursuits represent just a few of the many money saving strategies parents unroll each summer.

Sports Leagues and Summer Recreation

Depending upon your kids’ ages, participating in summer sports leagues and recreation programs may provide suitable low-budget distractions.  Municipal softball and baseball leagues, for example, help kids hone their athletic abilities, furnishing simultaneous relief for parents struggling to keep kids entertained.

Programs vary by location, but many recreation departments put forth programs for children of various ages.  Even youngsters who haven’t reached sporting age are welcomed into playground programs that keep them busy throughout the day.  Consistent availability makes these programs particularly valuable for working moms and dads, who appreciate the guidance and supervision provided by local summer recreation outfits.

Gardening for Fun and Sustenance

Maintaining integrity within the food supply chain is increasingly important to parents striving toward responsible consumption and healthy family meals.  What better way to instill these values in children than to enlist their help maintaining a family garden plot? Although there is an educational element to the process, planting a family garden and enjoying its bounty can also be an enjoyable summer pastime for kids of all ages.

Timing a garden generally coincides with school schedules, as children are released for summer vacation right around the time crops are sown.  Throughout the summer, as gardens develop and children’s responsibilities expand, kids quickly learn about the relationship between food and farming.  Their appreciation for fresh produce grows exponentially, before finally harvesting their bounty around back-to-school time.  Flowers and foliage also furnish gardening opportunities for those concerned with aesthetics over sustenance.  Regardless of what you plant, gardening is educational and rewarding for parents and kids on summer break.

Camping Close to Home

Rounding up the entire family for camping outings is a summer tradition embraced by those interested in getting back to nature.  Unfortunately, schedules do not always accommodate elaborate excursions away from home.  To bridge the gap for kids on summer vacation, consider camping closer to home – even in the back yard.

Though camping at home may not be particularly rewarding for adults, kids get a kick out of it nonetheless, taking-away some of the same enjoyment found on camping road trips.  To simulate the genuine experience, pitch a tent and build a bonfire if permitted in your area.  If appropriate, enlist family friends to share the fun.

Church Festivals and Other Local Attractions

Major theme parks like Disneyland are expensive propositions for families with limited cash flow.  Simply getting there can be a budget-buster, so outings to major entertainment destinations are few and far between.  Local festivals and attractions, on the other hand, furnish low-budget entertainment with some of the same kid-friendly features as their pricey international counterparts.  To make the most of your summer entertainment budget, turn to church fairs and other regional festivals for a good time.

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