Life in Thunder Bay- Give you all an Idea

Thunder Bay Travel,December 4th, 2004

This blog is about some of the things fun to do in Thunder Bay. More so about life in Thunder Bay, Ontario , Canada.

This following blog is about shags that people have in Thunder Bay. We call them Shags here, but in other places are either called Socials or Stags. Its when someone rents out a hall and for a couple who are engaged to get married. People go out and buy drinks and tickets for prizes as a fundraising effort for the new couple.1294122_12456952936408_bigthumb

This blog is about a former co worker named Jodi, she was getting married that year to some rich dude. Anyhow her shag was arranged for beginning of December 2004. Most of everyone from work show up for the Shag in support of this couple.

Shag was at the Moose Hall in Thunder Bay off Fort William Rd, which is a large place with lots of good parking spaces.

The story begins, I showed up at another coworkers named Katie house for some drinks prior to the Shag. Most of the people I worked with showed up were there. From Cynthia, Brad, Tara, Monica, Paul, Chris, Jennifer, Adrianna, Chris and Dan. As you can see from the photos a few people thought we were in Hawaii at the time. It was a rocking time. Katie provided a great feast of snacks for everyone, from cracker jack to , cucumbers and lettuce. To dip and crackers and even pizza was offer. I had one beer as I have drink a bunch to the shag after this house party.

Afterward we make to the Shag, the Place is very packed with many many people. As well many other people from work as well. A few people from work who came were Mike, Vic, Brad, Bobby, Wade, Ken, Trevor, Mitch, Crystal, Mitch, Sandra and some other girl and a few others.

Its good night, many great tunes are played and many dance to them, the beer flowed very well and lots of laughs and cheers.

I did not win any prizes at this shag, but that is ok, as that’s life, so we accept the way things are.1294122_12456952969427_bigthumb

Afterwards the next day, many of us had to work that following morning. So only had 4 hour sleep prior to work. I did not drink much night before, but others were quite hung over. We got to briefing that morning our supervisior Trevor who was at the Shag night before was still drunk, as were a few others at work like Mike and Neil.
Trevor was giving out the days instructions and kept falling asleep at the time, in the corner of the room, Mike and Neil who were still drunk, were no hugging each other greatly in briefly, male bonding.
It was too funny that whole day, throughout rest of the day it seemed Miked and Neil had to hug each other whenever they walked by each other.

That is a story of a day and night at a shag in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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