Loki Hostel: Mancora, Peru

Loki Hostel: Mancora, Peru

Loki, or Loco Loki as I and so many others grow to affectionately refer to it, isthe party hostel in Mancora. It doesn’t take long to figure out that this is the place to be if you want to party all day late into the night. Their emphasis is fun, fun, fun!

Every day is different. Loki Olympics, masquerades, jungle parties, multi-course dinners featuring different international cuisine for just 20 soles, tasty fusion lunch specials, and the list just goes on and on. It is a bustling social environment, and everything from the people to the architecture gives it a communal feel. Basic amenities include hot water, internet, individual lockers, a massive swimming pool, shaded hammocks, and a free breakfast.


Una chica just chillin’ by the pool, listening to some jams.

However, if you want a room in Loki, it does require some advance planning. I met several people who came with the anticipation of getting a room, only to realize that they had a list of people waiting to find out if they were able to get accommodations. It is very common for people to pass the first couple of nights at Koko and then head over to Loki.

However, even if you aren’t bunking on the premises, you are welcome to join the fun. Just head to the front desk and ask for a visitor’s wristband. If you are planning on coming in for the night party, be sure to get your band before 4:30 pm and be in before 10:30 pm. It may sound strict, but it was a security measure that I appreciated as it prevents random people from wandering into the hostel.

The ambiance is very different from other hostels in town, so it is really all about what you want. Loki is not the place to go to relax. It is somewhere to go if you are looking to just kick all of your stress and kick it for days. The bar closes at 1 am, at which point most people choose to head to the beach where the party continues hasta sale el sol!

It was the little things here that I appreciated. The happy hour was the best I saw. There is a board downstairs where guests can network. (For example, I saw requests from other backpackers for people on the same path to Piura, or looking to head to certain festivals in other cities, or cross the Ecuadorian boarder. It’s also a place to put notes for lost belongings.) It was things like the sign in the bathroom that if you should find your bathroom is not adequately clean, you need only notify the front desk. Notes reminding guests that we are in a dessert, so let’s all work together to save water and turn it off when brushing our teeth. It’s the 12:30 pm check out and the breakfast served until 1 pm out of consideration for their guests’ inevitable hangovers.

The only criticism for Loki that I heard was their internet. Most people can’t seem to access internet in the rooms (though I was able to). However, the size of the hostel almost makes it understandable. They have multiple routers and connections, but the complex is massive, so internet typically has to be accessed in the common area.

I would recommend this hostel to any backpackers in their late teens to mid-20s looking to have a good time.

For information on their rooms, hostels in other locations throughout South America and booking, click here.

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