Marathon, Ontario, Canada – High School Mountain Bike racing back in mid 1990’s

Marathon, Ontario, Canada – High School Mountain Bike racing back in mid 1990’sMarathon, Ontario, Canada - High School Mountain Bike racing back in mid 1990's

Marathon, Ontario, Canada – High School Mountain Bike racing back in mid 1990’s

The Town of Marathon is located right along the famous Lake Superior Circle Tour Route. Marathon is 904 km/540 miles east of the geographic center of Canada. Easily accessible, Marathon is located just off the Trans Canada Highway #17.

When visiting Marathon, the great outdoors and surrounding wilderness await the enthusiast. In addition to the traditional pastimes of hunting and fishing, there are opportunities for canoeing / kayaking, hiking, golf, cross country and alpine skiing, snowmobiling, wildlife and bird watching, camping and much, much more.

I have gone twice to Marathon, it was for a high school racing for mountain bike. When I Was part of the High School Cycling Team

All the teams from Thunder Bay High Schools were going on this event.


We arrived by Greyhound Bus to the town after 3 hour ride from Thunder Bay.IT was a good journey on route to Marathon. We were all very excited to go on this event. As its a small adventure away from home and also a chance to compete at a higher level.

We arrived at the hotel ,Superior Hotel in downtown, lol.

Unload our bikes at hotel and bags to our room. This town is quite small, for fun there a mall with 4 stores in it. There was SAAN for buying socks and Extra Foods a grocery store.

For the main place to go for entertainment there is a A and W burger place here and Robins Donuts. So its gonna be a blast.

Lake Superior SkiLake Superior Ski

We go to the Lake Superior Ski place for the race. There a nice chalet here and the weather is amazing.

We had a professional DJ with all the equipment on the ski hill to be funnyHe play many great songs and it put a great atmosphere to the entire event.

The course was really good with lots of mud for the x country portion. The course zigzag all along the country ski trail, had some good climbs and downhills and technical courses, quite adventurous.

The downhill portion was a nice ski hill with sand on it, i skipped the downhill as i wiped out on it. lol As well I skipped out on the Dual Salom course as well.

So It was so long ago I can’t go into great detail other wise it was great memories. The food was really yummy at the chalet, burgers and fries.We had a DJ at the ski hill who played tunes on a professional stereo, too cool.

There were lots of good looking girls here and lots of rowdy high school kids. No one got in trouble which is too bad.We had good people to watch over us as they were cool and did not care to what was going on.

After the race we biked back to the hotel in the town. Went for dinner at A and W for burgers and chips afterwards.

A and W

The A and W was kinda small but had one of the best teen burgers ever, a feast in itself.

IT was a blast.

Marathon is small town but has a bit to offer, good outdoors and hiking.

Ask me for more information if your interested in coming.

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