May 10th 2005 Rome, Italy

May 10th 2005 Rome, ItalyMay 10th 2005 Rome, Italy

The second of two days in Rome, Italy!  Rome is cool!

  • Ate a four star breakfast at the Roma Cassia Hotel.  Good stuff!

Our full day of Rome sightseeing would be one of the hottest we would experience during the whole trip. It certainly didn’t help that we all had to wear pants, as we were visiting the Vatican City this morning with a local tour guide. As with many churches and cathedrals in Italy, the rules stipulated no bare legs or shoulders allowed. To the casual visitor, the Vatican City would appear more like a museum than anything else, with Michaelangelo’s paintings seemingly covering every ceiling and wall inside, and statues situated in almost every nook and cranny. The most magnificent of these paintings was the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately, photography and video of the Chapel were completely forbidden. Of note is that the Vatican City is actually its own country, the smallest in the world, with its own police and its own postal system

  • The Pope (new Pope, Benedict) was giving a mass in St. Peter’s Square.  I took a few pictures of the event.
  • Next, I went into the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine Chapel.  En route to the chapel, you go through tons of beautiful rooms.
  • Rafael’s rooms are incredible – the artwork is stunning.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.
  • The Sistine Chapel is brilliant.  I shuffled in and then turned around and viewed the painting.  The detail is mesmerizing.  You could spend days looking at everything.
  • The Pope was giving a mass in St. Peter’s Square.  I took a few pictures of the event.
  • After the Vatican City, we went for lunch and then bought some water.  It was a nice break.
  • Next, we went Coloseum which was unbelievable.  The sheer size and magnificence was very unbelievable.  It’s hard to describe.
  • Then we visited the ancient ruins of Rome.
  • Next, we had a gelato.  And some pasta.
  • Next, we walked down the main shopping street and looked in a few shops.
  • We then hit the Spanish Steps to rest and let everything soak in.
  • . Then we went for a gelato.  I had a chocolate gelato shake and it was great!
  • We walked up to the Vatican City again and took the subway and train home..  In all, this was definitely our most active day, with Rome overall being one the most vibrant and exciting cities on the whole trip.
  • Later in the evening there was a group party on the roof of the hotel.


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