May 12th 2005 Venice, Italy

May 12th 2005 Venice, ItalyMay 12th 2005 Venice, Italy

Today is a full free day to explore Venice on our own.

  • Ate 14 corn flakes for breakfast at the Contiki Hotel [Mario’s Hotel!]
  • We took a boat over to Venice bright and early.
  • Watched a glass blowing demonstration and view some Venice glass. Very nice and very expensive. .
  • I bought a Ferrari shrit in a sports shop.
  • We went into Doges Palace and it was ok.  It was huge and some very large extravagant rooms.  It was very dark and felt cold.
  • We walked all around the city and it was an interesting experience.  No cars, dirty water, some beautiful buildings and some very old buildings in poor shape.
  • Tons of people.  Venice is a busy place.
  • I went on a Gondola ride with Jason,Nicole and Canadian Nicole and Richard and Mexico Jordan. We made sure to get some bottles of wine for the ride prior to leaving.
  • The gondola ride was very nice floating down the quiet streets but it was very busy on the grand canal.
  • We went for some type of Venice dinner afterwards and its was ok, but thank god it had wine offered.
  • The Piazza di San Marco in Venice was very cool and filled with pigeons.  It was crazy!  It’s tough to walk around as the pigeons are everywhere.



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