May 13th, 2005 Vienna, Austria

May 13th, 2005 Vienna, Austria En RouteMay 13th, 2005 Vienna, Austria

Today we entered Austria and the land of pork!

    • Ate breakfast at a rest stop.  I had a Schnitzel and it was delicious!
    • Ate lunch at another rest stop.  I had a simple sandwich and it was ok.
    • Ate dinner at Vienna.  I had a grilled Schnitzel and tons of veggies. The scenery was beautiful driving through Austria.  We saw several Castles along the side of the road and tons of small villages in the mountains.
    • The mountains are pretty similar to the Rockies but they are covered in different different trees and seem less jagged.

Hotel in Vienna

    • After arriving at the hotel in Vienna, we had some free time.
    • The hotel was a 4 1/2 * business hotel so we took advantage of the amenities Next, we went into Vienna for a walk about dinner.  We tried to go to the best schnitzel place in the world but it was too busy.  So the tour went to another restaurant.

Vienna Opera House

  • After dinner, we went to a Mozart Concert at the Vienna Opera House.  The performance was awesome.  The orchestra was dressed up in traditional Mozart costumers and wigs.  It was such an awesome experience.
  • I characterize the performance as a “Best of Mozart” and it was excellent.  It was a mix of classical performances and classical performance with opera singers.
  • Our evening ended with many of the group having drinks in the hotel cocktail bar, good specials on pina colatas.
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