May 15th 2005 Munich, Germany

May 15th 2005 Munich, Germany En Route


  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA May 15th 2005 Munich, GermanyAte breakfast at the Contiki Hotel.
  • Ate a nice sandwich at a rest stop in Austria
  • Evening we drank beer and had dinner at a bavarian beer hall in Munich, Germany.
  • En route to Munich, we stopped at a concentration camp in Austria.  We watched a video and then walked around the camp. Quite a different place to walk about, I think it’s good that Germany and Austria remember this terrible part of their history.
  • There was beautiful scenery while driving through Austria and Germany.  It was very green and very cool.
  • We took a break at a reCaptured 2002-1-1 00514 May 15th 2005 Munich, Germanyst stop near a lake and it was very beautiful.  We arrived in Munich in the late afternoon.  After a very short stop at the hotel, we went in to Munich and did a quick tour of the main area down town.
  • The city is quite modern looking.  Lots of old and new buildings.
  • We saw the famous Glockenspiel and it was cool. .
  • There were tons of shops selling all kinds of food like bratwurst, apple strudel, pretzels etc.
  • The beer halls were electric with a great atmosphere and great people. Good evening, we drank lots of beer.
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