May 17th, 2005 Hopfgarten

May 17th, 2005 HopfgartenMay 17th, 2005 Hopfgarten

Today was a chilly day on May 17th, 2005 Hopfgarten.  Our activities for the day got cancelled due to heavy rain.

    • Ate a nice breakfast at the Contiki Hotel.


    • A few of us decided to take the train to the city of Innsbruck to explore it abit as Hopfgarten is nothing but a small village with nothing to do.
    • Spent a few hours in Innsbruck and made it back to the hotel for supper.
    • After supper, we started drinking in the hotel pub and I had a few beers and shots.

Silver Bullet

  • After the pub closed, we went to the Silver Bullet pub where there was loud music, dancing and Karaoke.
  • We had a few more beers and other drinks and played pool. It was a great time.



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