May 20, 2005 Rhine Valley, Germany St. Goar

May 20, 2005 Rhine Valley, Germany St. Goar En Route to Rhine Valley

Today was a slow day of driving to St. Goar, Germany in the Rhine Valley.  A highlight was a cruise along the Rhine Valley.

  • Ate breakfast at the Mount Pilatus.May 20, 2005 Rhine Valley, Germany St. Goar
  • Ate lunch at rest stop in Germany.
  • Ate dinner at the Contiki Hotel in St. Goar, Germany.
  • We left Mount Pilatus and took the cog railway down the mountain.
  • We drove to the Rhine Valley in Germany stopping at the Hockenheimring racing track.
  • We arrived in St. Goar..
  • We went on a cruise in the Rhine Valley and it was nice. There were several castles all around and the green mountain sides were nice.
  • We had a great pork dinner with vegetables and potatoes in the Contiki Hotel.
  • We went to a wine tasting after dinner and sampled several German white wines.
  • After the wine tasting, it was time to drink.  The tour broke the record for the most number of vodka shots in the hotel bar.  The winner number was 600shots!
  • If u were able to spit your bottle cap into a bird feeder you got a free shot.
  • Only 3 people won free shots, all others failed, but bought many.
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