May 21, 2005 Amsterdam, Holland

May 21, 2005 Amsterdam, Holland En Route to Amsterdam

Today was a slow day of driving and experiencing Amsterdam, Holland at night.

  • Ate breakfast at the Contiki Hotel.
  • Ate lunch at a crappy rest stop en route to Amsterdam.May 21, 2005 Amsterdam, Holland
  • Ate dinner at the Contiki Hotel.
  • We arrived in Amsterdam and saw a cheese and clog demonstration.  We got to taste various Dutch cheeses and they were quite tasty.  My favourites were pepper cheese and smoked pepper cheese.
  • We had some free time before dinner so we walked around an old town near our hotel.  It was a Sunday so most stores were closed but it was pretty cool.
  • In the evening, we went to the Red Light District and it was a very interesting experience.
  • The Red Light District smells like Mary Jane as there were several pot bars in the area.
  • It was incredible to see all the prostitutes standing the building windows soliciting themselves
  • As an unofficial portion of the tour, most of the people attended a cultural experience, a sex show at the Casso Rossa, very funny show.
  • One hour show of 6 different acts, with audience participation, bananas and cigars.
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