May 6th, 2005, Nice, France

May 6th, 2005, Nice, France Route to Nice, France En

The day consisted of traveling through the French Burgundy Wine Region to the French Rivera.

  • May 6th, 2005, Nice, France Ate breakfast at the Contiki Hotel.
  • Ate lunch in Avignon.
  • Ate dinner ???
  • Driving through the burgundy wine region.
  • Stopped in Avignon which was a quiet little town.
  • Avigon, France the valley of the popes  and saw Napoleon’s home.  It’s a huge beautiful mansion in a small village.  It was the starting point of all of Napoleon’s wars.
  • I walked around with a bunch and ate at a small cafe.  I had a chicken, tomato, mozzarella panni and it was fantastic!May 6th, 2005, Nice, France
  • We had dinner in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  It was excellent!  I ate dinner with Jason and Nicole, unemployed Brett, Kerry and Tracey.”  I had a nice salad and salmon in a light cream sauce.  I also ate Kerry and Tracey’s left over chicken.  Also included was several glasses of wine at dinner.
  • Next, we went to a casino in Monte Carlo.  The highlights were the rich people looking like a million dollars and their cars!  Naturally, I fit right in! :)
  • Then back in Nice, we went to a ok pub with live music and had a few drinks.
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