May 9th 2005, Rome, Italy

May 9th 2005, Rome, Italy En Route

The first of two magic days in Rome, Italy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA May 9th 2005, Rome, Italy

  • Ate breakfast at the hotel.
  • Ate dinner at a sidewalk restaurant in the Piazza Norma in Rome.  Magic!
  • The day started rough by waking up early to travel to spend the morning in Florence.
  • We walked around Florence all morning and then traveled to Rome.
  • The day started with a leather demonstration and after that. I had two gelatos (ice cream) and they are delicious!  They are way better in Italy than anywhere else in the world.
  • I walked around the streets and around the waterfront.  It’s a very cool city.
  • We saw cool buildings, monuments and made it to see the real statue of David.
  • We drove to Rome and received a very long history lecture from Renee.  Very cool stuff.
  • From the history lecture, I learned Romans were very interesting people.  They had some great leaders and some terrible ones.
  • We went in to Rome for a walk about dinner.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA May 9th 2005, Rome, Italy
  • Renee gave us a short night tour too.
  • We saw the following sites:
    • The Spanish Steps
    • Very Cool Shops (Gucci, Prada etc)
    • Trevi Fountain
    • Pantheon
    • Piazza Navona
    • Victoria Monument
    • The Coliseum
  • I an awesome dinner.  I had fettucini with a tomatoe saw and meatballs.  The sauce has cheese mixed in and it was delicious.
  • It’s an incredible feeling to sit at a restaurant in a piazza with historic sites all around, great traditional live music and great company
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