Montreal 2007 – our Return to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal 2007 – our Return to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Good day all of you fellow Travbuddies. I am making another blog here about my 2nd trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We like it so much last year, we have returned.

The plan for this trip was taking a whole week about 7 days.1294122_12458010277404_bigthumb Montreal 2007 - our Return to Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Arriving into Montreal on for a Friday and Saturday, main reason was to go see hockey. The Saturday’s game was between Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs. As well it was broadcast on TV as well, and good rink side seats. That was our main goal.

Then on Sunday, take train to Quebec City for just a day.

Then on Monday Return back to Montreal by VIA rail to watch another hockey game of Montreal Canadiens vs Buffalo Sabres.

Then on Tuesday go to Ottawa for about 2 nights and catch a game between Ottawa Senators vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

So that is the outline. Our time in Quebec City and Ottawa are written as seperate blogs on my profile so feel free to read up on them.

Anyways here is my story.:::::::::::::

It is Friday November 2nd on this day and we are going to Montreal to catch a few hockey games. Its gonna be quite exciting as I have rink side seats on 2nd row. The best on the arena at Bell Centre. I arrive at the airport in Thunder Bay and check in with my flight with WestJet to get to Montreal.1294122_12458007606736_bigthumb Montreal 2007 - our Return to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am supposed to be traveling with another coworker Josh today, he is not at airport still. It is 6am and our flight is at 7am, which is odd since he was excited to get to Montreal.

Anyhow, I don’t worry and make my way through security and then to waiting room in departure lounge. So I am waiting and now its almost 630am and no sign of Josh and plane is about to start boarding. So i call his house on my phone and no one answers. I call his other address and no one answers there as well, Strange.
Finally at 640am, He finally arrives into the departure lounge, saying he felt like proscastinating today, how strange?
Anyhow Its now time to board our WestJet Flight to Montreal.
We Flight from Thunder Bay to Toronto for a short lay over there and then change planes, then on to Montreal.

Finally we land in Montreal and grab our luggage and get our taxi and take it to downtown Montreal.

We are staying at the Residence Inn Downtown, got an amazing deal. The hotel is like an apartment, we have 3 beds and a balconey and theres a full kitchentte as well with fridge, microwave and stove and an oven.

1294122_12458007608964_bigthumb Montreal 2007 - our Return to Montreal, Quebec, CanadaTo let you all know we are also going to Meet up with another travel buddy. Luke who is another coworker, got a cheap flight the day before and stayed over night in Toronto on a stand by flight with Air Canada. He is going to join us later that morning in Montreal.

We check in to the hotel and then make our way down to Bishop St and go for lunch at Mckibbins Pub, its almost noon by now. The weather is crisp but really sunny today, looks like going to be a good day.
The food is great again at the Mckibbins, here I order a Club Sandwich and a Guinness and its amazing great. The service was awesome and it was worth coming back to.

Just then my cell phone rings and its Luke, he has arrived and is on his way to hotel.
We head back to hotel, after paying for food, and meet Luke at hotel.
We check in bags at the room and head off again onto the Metro.

We head out for some sight seeing and go to places we missed out last year in Montreal. We go to the Olympic Stadium area.
We go up the Olympic tower here for a view of the city, its an amazing view and you can see as far as the eye can go.
ITs a great view and I highly recommend everyone to check it out when your in Montreal.

Afterward we walk around the area to a park then make it to the Insectarium which is a museum of all bugs from beetles, to butterflys and many other exotic bugs from around the world.
It is very amazing and quite good and I took many photos. The best part is the live ant farm in the building.
There were all of these trees and hills with live red ants. There were hundreds of them building up a palace or something of leaves. Very amazing.

From here, we were thinking of venturing to the other side of the river and go have something to eat at Hooters Montreal.
So we try to get there by taking the Metro to one station, then transfer over to another train. Then walk for 10 minutes to a bus station only to find out we had the wrong passes to board the bus to get where we wanted to go.
So we went back to hotel and vegged for awhile and figure out the next plan of action.

We then decide its time for dinner and head off to Bishop street again and go down and find a pub for dinner. We ended up the Irish Embassy Pub and Grill. Here the food was amazing, I have a fish and chips and Guinness and its amazing.
The place is very busy with many many people as it must be a good place to go to.

Afterward, we go back to hotel and chill, then decided on evening. This evening we go for walking up St Catherine Street and check out the scene. Luke decides he wants to see some Boobies so we go and head to one of the fine Adult Entertainment Establishments there, to see bobbies.
We go and try what we think is a new place from last year and it ends up being same place as last year. All well, inside the beer was over priced, for 4 it was like 50 bucks for a 6 beer. So since we were there, had to experience some personal entertainment. The talent that night was quite good and I wished it was that good in Thunder Bay, but no.

Anyhow, after that bar we decided that we spent too much money tonight and its best to call it a night. We go back to the hotel and call it a night.

Tomorrow is a big day, as we have the big game on the next day. So stay tuned for next blog of Saturday in Montreal.

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