Morocco and Its People

Morocco and Its People

El fina Square – the beating heart of Marrakech Feb 10, 2013

mor1This huge expanse of open space is the beating heart of Marrakech. Ever changing throughout the day and into the night, it is a place for entertainment, shopping and people watching.At its centre gather acrobats, snake charmers, fortune tellers, henna tattooists and brightly bedecked water sellers (not much water is sold but charging for photographs gives good business). Around the edges are stalls selling fresh juice: dates apricots and nuts.At the northern end of the square lies the entrance to the famous souks; an 1001 nights warren of tiny shops and alleyways selling
Practising yoga on the beach at sunset on the Morocco trip a myriad of goods; spices, fabric, glassware, pottery, lanterns and much much more.
mor2At dusk the El Fina transforms into a huge outdoor eating arena with dozens of pop-up stalls serving cheap and delicious food to tourists and locals alike. The place is alive; ablaze with light and throbbing with people and noise.Above the whole scene drifts a thin white haze as smoke from the many cooking braziers drifts gently into the inky blackness of the night. Morocco, as you would expect such a vibrant african country to be, contains a veritable mixture of many different races and cultures. Residents range in spectrum from the rich ebony blackness of the sub-sa


hara to the fair-skinned looks of the far North and europe.I have tried to capture with this selection of photographs the rich diversity of the people and cultures of the people whom I encountered on my travels. From young to old, fair to dark, Tuareg to Berber..NB. Several potentially excellent photographs are missing as my request for a photograph was turned down by the subjects. This is as it should be. I respect the right to privacy of these people.

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