Moscow more of this city and free time Better today

Moscow more of this city and free time Better today

Moscow Travel ,June 19th, 2009

Well congratulations everyone for anyone who has read this far. Well today I get up and survived. The meds I took the night before worked and I am now 100% better, this time for sure.

I go downstairs and breakfast is an all you can eat buffet of everything!!! Its like being in North America, Eggs!!< Bacon, toast, fruit, cereal, pancakes! everything.
So I eat everything!! three times as well, as I have to make up for a few days of not eating, lol.1294122_12453799026102_bigthumb Moscow more of this city and free time

After this fine feast we meet in lobby and meet Galina who is going to take us on a tour of the Moscow Metro. Galina took us on a tour of the Moscow Metro, known for its Communist artwork: We go around the Komsomolskaya station.

These stations are very grand and have so much artwork everywhere Its amazing. So many chandellors and statues of Stalin and Lenin everywhere Its crazy. The reason for this was back in the Communist era. It was used as a method to demonstrate to the people who had the power in the country. So it was power and wealth sacrificed for the show to intimitate the people. Every archway is like this–the figures are supposed to represent Soviet citizens ready to fight the capitalist enemy, even underground.
Riding the metro is an experience in itself as well. Being said, its an older system and you often find the lights blinking abit in the main tunnels, sometimes everything goes dark for a few seconds, almost like being in Star Wars almost.

From here we make it back to the Red Square again, this is where we get to see the Changing of the Guards on display.

1294122_12453799033026_bigthumb Moscow more of this city and free timeIts quite an event they put on and its probably more entertaining then seeing the guards in England.

From here we now visit Lenin’s tomb, this is a story here. We get into line and Galina, our local guide goes over the rules, with us. No cameras allowwed, no talking, no crying, no laughing, no staring, no standing. You have to just keep walking in pairs and your not allowwed to stop and look. So we check in our cameras and enter the tomb, inside the floors are very marble and clean, there are guards everywhere watching you at any corner. You go down stairs and there’s guards on every step. Going past the tomb, looks like Lenin is not real, he is in plaster as they lower the body under ground at night to preserve him, the tomb is very cold as well. You Leave the tomb and walk by many small statues of previous leaders of Russia, sorta like the Walk for Communism.

We the regroup again for a quick meeting with Galina, she tells us its free time and gives us suggestions of what to do. 5 of us decide to explore the Russian Space museum of their space program and to see Sputnik.
I think its myself, Step, Dave, Lindsey, and Clinton take metro to the Space Museum, dave is good at reading maps. We get to the museum and its shaped like a rocket, with of course statues of Lenin on it. Inside there displays of Sputnik, Capsules, Space Suits, and many other aspects of the Russian Space program. check out all my photos for a lowdown on what I saw, as well book a trip to Russia, Email me if you want to go and i will give you the information. Or text me at my # I provide on my profile, 1-807-621-0122. try it out. cheers.

Anyways, we visit a black market after the museum, where all kinds of electronics are sold, from stolen cell phones to computers.
As well there are African men selling Kabobs here which look quite dodgy hell.1294122_1245379903790_bigthumb Moscow more of this city and free time

We make it back to Red Square to meet group and Galina. We go for lunch in the nearby mall, which is totally modern, I think for lunch we have pizza which is good but very greasy.
Then we are going to take a tour of the Presidential buildings. We check through an airport security type of screening and pass with flying colours.
We make a tour of the Presidential Area and Residence where Putin is, I guess he wasn’t home as we couldn’t go have a beer with him tonight. From here we see the Czar Cannon, The Assumption Cathedral, Ivan the Great Ball tower and many many amazing domes. The Tzar Bell and these guys marching in blue outfits. I have the name of the guys marching but its in russian so don’t know english name.

Here we then visit the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, where people kept setting off alarms and we couldn’t really figure out how to avoid it. Here Galina gave us a good idea of how her generation was indoctrinated and brainwashed by Communism. I suppose if you have ideas drilled into you enough and your mind isn’t yet sharp enough to tear them apart, you’ll believe in them. This is why religion and the Democratic Party still exist. Here we visit and see the dresses Isabella the great wore, just a dress then its off the armoury. Where we see old battle carriages and weapons from the early times of Russia, No photos were allowed as its a secret. So my friends, your gonna have to come to Russia and see for yourself.

We then go and leave the Red Square and go for dinner tonight at some old Traditional Restaurant.
Well its not really too great. food is what we been eating last many days. Cucumber and tomato salad, mushroom soup and Beef Strognanuf. YAY

Then off the hotel tonight. To the bar and once again I can drink and eat normal again. Soccer is one the tv tonight. We go to the bar downstairs. Steve (token) from the UK is crazy about soccer and his team is playing tonight. He is going crazy drinking and is throw the chairs around the bar as he is totally worked up over the game. Same with all the Australians, big soccer people I guess. Too me, its only socceer, Bring on the Hockey when you need it!
I have some Vodka straight tonight and it goes down well.
On to bed for another great day in Moscow starts tomorrow. Stay tuned. What do you think of my blogs so far? let me know in my msg board.

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