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Good afternoon.

my name is __________ and I will be your Exciting host today.

I am going to show you a ride near Arrow Lake, In district of Thunder Bay.

Ride to is up a road called Mountain Lake Road that goes to Mountain lake, that is divided by the USA and Canada Border.

Here we are , on the fat bike, Trek Farley 9.6 with the Bluto, on our way up towards Mountain Lake Road. on Arrow Lake Road

So a little about this area. THis area is in Arrow Lake Park.

Arrow Lake Provincial Park is classified as a Recreation Park.

The Park is located in an area known locally as the Northern Light corridor, which has high public use for many recreational activities. The Park is used primarily as a camping area.

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Arrow Lake Road – Mountain Lake Road Ontario

mountain lake

Mountain Lake Road Ontario Canada

path on mountain lake road

mountain lake road – Ontario

Bart Simpson – swamp near mountain lake road ontario




more less this route we are on at moment, follows to Mountain Lake, which is more hilly then mountainous, being northwestern ontario. If we follow this route all the way, we end up at Mountain lake which turns into a little ATV trail, that goes for another 16 kms up around Arrow Lake. to the top of the cliffs that over look the Lake, very neat is all i can say.

As you can see this road is much better then it used to be like. i know it used to be an old logging road. There are some side trails, that go off to different lakes and even gravel pits. maybe an adventure for another time.

As we continue on here. There are some nice climbs,

Here as its hard to see from the video camera, but i am on a cool hill now.

As to a good challenge. Going up Mountain Lake road. I would say you can bike it, like i am doing now . you can get to the lake by ATV which is good. Probably going by a regular car be a challenge. I would not recommend. As its a rough road and yes you would get stuck so recommend a 4 by 4 for sure. Truck, SUV or anything with high clearance.

As now we have ridden over a few hills on East Arrow Lake Road

you notice the roadway is a bit brown. colour of the soil in this area. the weather out is nice, today is day of that partial eclipse. i will post one photo later on of it on here, we are in wrong part of the world to see the full eclipse so more less just see a partial part of it.

its a nice area to ride as literally as you can see, no one is around like totally no one.

in this are are lots of side trails like for ATVS and things. going off to different lakes, i like to journey up a few another time, many do go quite far, and i prob be only cyclist out here doing so, as most people are just red necks out there, all hunters and fishing people

now as you can see the road is now splitting up, we take fork to the left as that goes onto Mountain lake road,

as we go further up Arrow Lake Road, the road now splits off,

and up many many hills, first part of Mountain lake road, is this nice steady climb,

then over top we get this really nice downhill and goes all way down to this nice creek

here we are at this nice creek, an amazing spot for fishing and swimming, i have stopped to swim here last time, very nice. Nice bridge as well, here is a small walk around of the bridge. enjoy.

now back on the road and a few more hills and turns during this journey

Colour of the road is now more of a lighter brown colour, lots of vegetation at side of the roads.

Also road gets a bit more skinner, so more less room for one vehicle almost. i doubt many people drive here. but you never know.i  have not seen anyone yet going this direction yet. It was evident this trail did not see much traffic from the start: biking

up the dirt road was something out of an amusement park ride.

What do you think? would you come here

i will stop speaking now for a bit and just let you enjoy the ride abit, i will turn on the music for a  bit as well.

As continuing on here, a few spots of the road go over bare rock. more less part of the canadian shield way cool

Road as you can see a few trails to the sides. wont go in those directions at this time as i might get lost, wish i had the GPS today.

I was mesmerized by the landscape around me. The lush countryside freckled with swamps was bathed in orange and pink hues. rub my face and feel the salt crusted all over it, fine dirt and sand. I eat a nut bar and a meat stick and a few handfuls of Reese’s Pieces, my current favorite trail candy.

now arriving to Mountain Lake, on this nice final downhill, very nice, and the views are so great

there are about 3 camp spots here, looks like all filled up

to the right is a trailer and oh!! a dog is nice chasing us, what fun!!!

i have to ride past the trailer on way back, see doggie again, yay

going past the campsite now on to this ATV road, this probably goes all way to the Cliffs over Arrow Lake.  am going to try this a bit

so heading back to the campsite, i am stopping at moment, here is the lake, mountain lake, its a nice border lake, looking out one half is on canada and other goes into the old USA, state of Minnesota,

looks very peaceful and calm today, impressive actually, what do you think/?

nice day for fishing for sure,

looks like the campers are all asleep here

as its about 10 in the morning at time of this video

a few boats around and as you can see a some trailers here

anyways i will continue on my way here

heading back up the road on our way back, i like to show you something neat, this is about 5 minutes back from the lake,

heading back i am going to stop at that one marsh area. so climbing back up the hill we went down, nice photo here of the area, ok now on to the swamp

oh wow look, i round a small trail here, the goes around a turn and looks its goes down to the marsh

so we are going to do a stop here at the swamp, looks peaceful, i could go for a swim, almost, well no!

In general a nice marsh, it is summer at this time you see, very warm out. going to stay here bit and watch the lunar eclipse today. will be neat.

anyways time to go now, on ward back,

hope you enjoyed this nice ride to Mountain Lake area. To mountain lake. hope your enjoyed it

there you have it folks, another exciting episode of exciting world travels

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thanks again and look forward to our next adventure!

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