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“Aruba, Jamaica – ooh I wanna take you Bermuda, Bahamas, c’mon pretty mama Key Largo, Montego baby why don’t we go?”
The lyrics are kind of an old one –from Beach Boys. But this music made me want to go the beach every time and always. The pristine water, the cool breeze, hammock in between coconut trees – I love it all. Blame it on the music, I can say, for wanting more!
I don’t know about you but music, messages and apps dominate my iPhone. As a freelance writer, I need applications that will help and guide me in my work. On the other hand, it is a different story when I am traveling. Music will be the source of my ‘strength’ whenever I go around new sights or scouring a ‘not-really-go-see-it-places’ frequently.
You can tell by my choice of music that I am an 80’s kid. Madonna’s youthful voice is still frequently banging in my ears during my trips. I love to play ‘La Isla Bonita’ when I am in a beach and doing one of my solo travels – to unwind and relax!
Don’t get me wrong that my music is just confined to 80’s. I also dream of singing diva songs like the ones from Adelle. I also like hitting my highest notes (when no one is listening) like the ones from Celine Dion or Mariah Carey. Let me not forget the former Whitney Houston – such perfect songs!
Having visited the famous Ibiza once, I always like to remember my days on that place by music. The beats, tunes and sounds keep on playing in my ear even if I already bid goodbye to the place itself. Whoever said that going there will have you catch amnesia is true. Your true intentions for traveling are totally forgettable once the music evaded your system and once the party starts. All you want is for that moment not to stop and just have fun all night long! Matching those tunes with some of Maroon 5’s or David Guetta’s dance-able music lightens up my mood always!
I can tell that it is my one of hard working gadgets as I find myself using it even when I am inside my hotel room. At night, some nice and easy music is filling the room – soothing me and my tired body. At day time, when my adrenalin is so high, some nice hard pumping tunes are in the air. It is like singing in the rain always!

That Boring Train Ride

I am pretty sure you have been on an 8 or 12 hour train ride. If you are not alone, you have a lot to talk with your companion for the first hour of the trip. But as the trip progresses, you will see that the energy to talk more is lesser. Also, you will find yourself running out of topics to talk about. What more if you have to endure that 12 hour trip? I even think, at times, what our forefathers did to let go of boredom during their time? And when I say during their time, ships like the famous Titanic would still be the most luxurious form of transportation. And the music –the music that will be playing on the radio or the music that’s being played on the background heard all around the vicinity will be your choice of music. Music You Listen To In Travel is Pretty boring, huh? This is why I am still grateful of our times where there are planes that will take us less than an hour to our destination and an iPod or music player to keep ourselves busy.
As for that boring train ride, I experienced playing all the genres on my playlist one time. This only means that I was not able to sleep during the entire trip. Well, that was my first train ride and what better way to spend it but to do sight-seeing outside of my window or listening to my playlist. My best company ever if I am doing a solo travel, admittedly!

Let’s Make Music Together!

Yes, we can, by sharing music. I am not talking about sharing in a pirated way but more of exchanging each one on our playlists. I love doing this because my playlist also makes way for starting new friendship. It is very common when I am with my fellow travelers (mostly young backpackers) that they will ask me what’s on my playlist. With this, we will start browsing each other’s list. This is how I accumulated the songs you will see in my music folder. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Your Own Choice of Music

Have you ever been bashed by someone that your music is really old and out of style already? Then, I used to think of that. I even felt the urge to put some new songs on my playlist just to make sure I will not get embarrassed if someone browsed my playlist and that they will see new songs in it! But it is a big surprise for me when I started traveling. Every person in the whole world is unique – that cliché becomes clearer to me every time I meet someone new. Even a 10 year old kid will favor a classic sentimental Beethoven song over Justin Bieber’s music – how about that?
If you think your playlist is outdated, think again! let me remind you, that it is your own choice of music. It is what you will listen to every time you are out there enjoying the sights! Do not let others manipulate you in what you should hear and should not. If that old playlists makes you happy the most, keep it. I can say it because I am doing that but with a little twist. I enjoy those that have some remix version. In this way, it still has a modern flavor into it!
So, what’s in your playlist?

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