My Very Own Fictional Transportation

My Very Own Fictional Transportationself_driving_car_convoy

I got to the bus station at eight in the morning only to find out that the bus that will take me to my destination will be leaving by 12 noon. I have 4 hours to spare or waste and that is what I did. I ate, I window shopped, bought a book – things I did that just made me sleepy. When the time came for my bus to leave, my excitement was cut by half with those hours I spent doing just anything.
During these times, how I wished that I have a car – a super car- that will take me to the place I want to go to in the speed of light. I know that it is any traveler’s wish to have that kind of transportation or gadget. Or be like Marty Mc Fly in the movie ‘Back to the Future’ where he has a time machine and he can go to any year he wants to go to. Now, that is a more heavy wishful thinking!
Aside from the scenario I have mentioned before, these things I listed below made you think as well (I am sure of that!) that you just have my super car!
Traffic –this is just a problem- ANYWHERE. Well, at least for most of the countries I have been to! It is irritating, inconvenient, and very annoying especially if you get stuck in the middle of it. You would even be pissed to see that the meter is still on and running! In the end, the only choice you have is to just get off the cab and walk your way to your destination. This is the best time to suggest to the car makers to create a car that can fly so you’ll be on your destination in just a few seconds.

Crowded Transportation

– I have been seeing it on videos before but when I see it with my own two eyes, I backed out. The train ride in India is horrible! There’s just too many passengers that I felt it is their only mode of transportation. And how do those ladies get in there when those men are also trying to get their way inside as if they are in a race? Should I give them an award for being able to get in

side before those men? And to top it all, the train does not really mind if it is overcrowded already. You can see some of them just holding on to some parts of the train so they do not have to wait another hour again just to get where they are supposed to? How about a supercar where you only need to pay for your ride, get in, sit (only made for one person) and get you to where you are supposed to in a matter of nanoseconds? It is fast that way so that the long queue of passengers can make it on time regardless of the place that they are going to.

Long lines to wait for your turn – during rush hours, I will be seeing number of lines comprising of people waiting for the cab to come. It is in organized matter wherein if you are going to point A, follow that line. If you are going to point B, follow that second line, and so on and so forth. This one is okay as there is no stampede-like scene every time you want to get inside. The bad thing about this one waiting time is a torture. I can say this because I hate waiting the most. Just the thought that I will be idle for quite some time makes me annoyed already. Pity on my phone or music player because that is where I usually turn to my boredom when I am in a long line of passengers waiting. What if I am really in such a hurry? Do I really have to bear all the standing in line, waiting, tapping my phone keys, shufflilng the list on my music player? How I wish that I have a card that once I swiped it in a car barcode (my own self-made car technology), a car will automatically appear in front of me and take me where I am supposed to go to. Imagine, if all the people owns this card and there are lots of ‘always-ready’ car available for all of us – now, isn’t that a wonder?

Stopovers and Long Travel Hours

– okay…so you were able to get in to the bus and it is about to go. Your friend said “the start of our 16 hours trip!” Sixteen hours?!?!? Yeah, I have that kind of by-land trip and every stop over, I need to go out. I need to give my butt a rest for sitting there for almost two hours straight of travel. Who says comfortable seats are relaxing? It is not when you are on sixteen hours trip!
Taxes – aside from the base fare, there are the miscellaneous charges. And these miscellaneous charges are the ones making your fare expensive! Why can’t it be just the base fare please?!?!?!
No choice for music – you might find it odd to see me that even if the music on the ride is kind of loud I still have my music player on. Well, it only means that the song choice in our ride is not on my playlist – meaning I DO NOT LIKE WHAT’S PLAYING!
To sum it all up, my kind of car would be like this:

One passenger only car

Travel time – in a speed of light or within nanoseconds (adjustable speed so if I still have a lot of time to spare, I can set it low speed but if I’ll be late – the fastest speed!)
Has an option to fly – if deemed necessary
Convertible to land, sea and air travel
Pay only the minimum fare and no more hidden charges
My own choice of music please!
So, what’s yours?

This very informative article was written with the great assistance of Mary Jo Tomias.  A great travel writer of our time. Check out her amazing works at her blog of

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