Day 1  of Road Trip USA 2013

October 20 2013

 Thunder Bay – Burnsville, MN

Leave Thunder Bay early on road. Good conditions and about 4C but good temperature

interesting cloud over Lake superiorShort stop at border where asked a few questions by US Customs but overall no problems

Once across the border do a brief stop at the Trading Post Store at Grand Portage.

Use washroom and take some money out of the ATM and make a small purchases of a road trip snack. A Rockstar in punch flavour and a bad of peanuts, a great choice.

Then drive up Hwy61 towards my next stop. Do another stop in Grand Marais and check out the water front in fall time. Very quiet down there at this time of year but quite peaceful as usual.

Then back on road and drive for a long period, going past a few of the other towns, like Tofte. Stop in town of Two Harbours and go make a stop at the Old Lighthouse, never been here before.So go out and walk up the lake walkway and the paths around the lighthouse. Cloudy day but quite peaceful.

Take a photo shot of the chicken in Two Harbours, something I driven past the last 30 years. So this time was first time taking a photo of it.

Make up the expressway to the great city of Duluth, MN. Go drive up to a park of Edgar PArk which is near the Edgar Tower and get an amazing view of the city.  A little cool out and brisk and a slight rainy but overall decent fall weather.

Then make my drive to get to Burnsville, MN. Drive to Burnsville gets adventurous as a storm front comes and it snows and gets foggy most of the way down I35. Did a brief stop in Inger City at the Walmart to get some food for cheap and washroom break. Fill up at gas station nearby and save 2 dollars for paying in cash the gas. So over all a great day.

Good way to save $ buying a sub sandwich from Walmart. For $1.85 i get one great big sandwich that i can call and use for Breakfast , lunch and dinner. A good savings!!!

From there make it good time to Burnsvilles and to the motel of Prime Rate Motel. Today was just a basic travel day and no real activities planned for rest of the day.

So chill out for in preparation for the next day.

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