Nepal a small country of big attractions

Nepal a small country of big attractions

Nepal a small landlocked country located in Southern Asia, between China and India is renowned in the world for highest mountain peak Mount Everest and the birth place of Lord Buddha. The country offers an amazing and diverse holiday experience to its visitors. Famous for its natural beauty the country has a diverse culture which is made by more than 70 ethnic groups and more than 60 different languages that are spoken in different parts of country.nepal2

Nepal is a secular country where different religions are practiced but Hinduism and Buddhism have the largest followers. With diverse and ancient culture with Great Himalayas in backdrop, the country is known as roof of the world. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and represents a cultural cauldron of country where people from varied backgrounds have come together to present a melting pot. Religion plays an important role in the life of people and enchanting year round festivals add even more colors to their life. So come and celebrate some time with people of this beautiful country and for this book low price flights to Kathmandu to enjoy one of the best holidays of your life.

Among the several Reasons to visit this magnificent country few of them are are:-

Pashupatinath Temple:- Built in 1696, Pashupatinath Temple is one of the most revered Hindu temple of country. Built in pagoda style architecture, the temple stands on the banks of River Bagmati. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter this temple but the glimpses of Shiva’s bull Nandi can be caught outside the western entrance. There is so much to see around the temple and is always bustling with people. There are people selling marigold, incense conch shells and other offerings outside the temple. The bank o

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f river is a popular place for cremation. It can be visited throughout the year.

Enjoy the panoramic scenery:- Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and for this don’t go to any particular destination because the whole country is blessed with amazing natural beauty. Just open the window of your hotel room and watch the changing colors of nature which will surely leave you spell bound. Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Manaslu and various peaks of Annapurna are some of best vistas that offer great bounty of nature.

A day trip to Patan:- Patan is situated to the south of Kathmandu and is separated from the capital by Bagmati River. It is the second largest town in Kathmandu Valley and has the greatest concentration to temples and has various amazing attractions. Golden Temple, the five storey Kumbeshwar Temple and the Red Mechhendranath Temple, the Pattan Museum etc are few places that you just can’t afford to miss.

The Narayanhiti Palace Museum:- Located in central Kathmandu , The royal palace served as the primary residence of Nepal’s monarchy for over a century until 2008. The palace is infamous because here King Birendra and six royals were shot dead. The Palace comprises 52 rooms and occupies 74 acres and was designed by American architect Benjamin Polk is among the popular attractions of country. Plan your holidays now and for this catch low fare flights to Nepal and visit such magnificent attractions of country.

The Langtang National Park:- Established in 1976, It is country’s first national park . Spreading across 1,700 square kilometers with climatic zones ranging from sub-tropical to alpine, the park is best renowned for its exotic flora and fauna, sacred Hindu sites as well as great trekking opportunities. The best time to visit this natural beauty is in the months of April- May and October-November. Monsoon and coldest weather must be avoided.

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