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I love New York City, but I have to confess most of the activities I love to do are done during the day.  Maybe sometime I’ll write about that.  I do have a favorite New York City bed. New York Entertainment I know that sounds strange, but this bed is so good, someday I’m going to make one of my own.  There’s a hotel near Central Park with Art Deco beds like that but in red leather, of course. They are so comfortable for reading, but you don’t want to read in New York City at night, do you? Let’s get right onto the nightlife!

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You can’t visit New York City and miss Broadway.  I saw Cats a long time ago.  Did you know that Cats is a derivation from T.S. Eliot’s book, “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”? Eliot is often considered a British bore.  Actually, he was a Midwesterner who went to Harvard and married a woman who regularly embarrassed him.  When they broke up, he took to visiting a married lady with children.  He liked hanging out at the house, probably getting a taste of the life he would miss.  While there, he began writing the children poems about cats.  Years later, the book was made into a musical.  You can buy Broadway tickets in advance at the box office, through a service like Ticketmaster, at other websites, or, if you’re not fussy and want to get the best rate, stand in line mid-day in Times Square for up to 50% off same-day Broadway shows or art events.

Think about the museums in New York.  They’re not just open during the day.  The Guggenheim, the Metropolitan, El Museo de Barrio in Harlem, all these places offer evening events.  For example, on February 27th, El Museo will be presenting an evening of music with “emerging composers.”  The Guggenheim has a calendar where you can search events by “evening.”  The Metropolitan Museum of Art has performances, gallery talks and classes in the evening.  The “Drop-in Drawing” class, for example, has free instructors and even provides materials.  All you pay is the price of admission to the museum.  Listing some major museums (out of close to a hundred) doesn’t even begin to touch all the exhibit openings in New York City’s art galleries.  Many different websites like ARTCARDS, Club free Time (which is all about free things to do in NYC), and ARTslant will tell you where and when to go.

We all know music

events can be expensive, so I like Club free Time for music events, too.  A random music search offers me free or inexpensive access to venues for Cajun dance music, an organ recital, and Brahm’s and Schubert’s quartets.  If you like opera (“o mio caro bambino”), you can’t miss the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  I used to know a lawyer who lived in a smallish Maine mill town.  He flew out almost weekly to join his friends at the Metropolitan Opera House located at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  The Met has a great website.  If you could care less about opera but know a beautiful woman who does, read it.  You’ll both enjoy the evening more.8154216_s New York Entertainment

New York Magazine has a whole section on “Nightlife” including New York City clubs. allows you to search for jazz clubs, under 21 clubs, comedy clubs and many others.  You can use your regular travel forums and reviews like Frommers, too.  You’ll find the best (and maybe the worst starting out) in New York. Whatever you want, you probably can’t fit it all into one trip.  Sometimes it’s fun to plan a trip with a focus (especially if you plan to go back).  Take a weekend and see as many comedy clubs as you can fit into three nights.  Come back and do jazz and blues or dance clubs.  Popularity changes from time to time.  It’s hard to say, on a given day, what will be the best.  Marquee, for example, has had both good and bad press. (Check out the image of the woman with rocket blasting breasts.)  The best accessory for a popular dance club is a gorgeous date.  Lacking that, at least ditch the sneakers and t-shirt.  There are a lot of review sites for NYC bars.  Yelp, of course, is one, but also consider New York on Tap.  There are apparently a never-ending variety of specialty bars in New York. Yelp offers, for example, listings for “gay bars, dive bars, hookah bars” and who knows what else.  I found “The Library” under “dive bars.” I wonder what they read? What’s your favorite specialty bar?

410071_s New York EntertainmentWe haven’t even mentioned going out to eat, one of my favorite things to do in New York City! Hungry? I can make this quick.  Just go to Chinatown!  Still think Chinese food is fattening? Not when it’s steamed.  How about sushi? No? Fattening is ok, but it has to stick to your ribs?  Let’s go to SoHo for homemade Italiano.  There are so many fabulous restaurants in New York City.  Pick one from each barrio and be happy.  I’m going to recommend one that may not have the best food, but if you want to be a real prince, take my advice.  First, tell your date to dress up.  Then, hire a coach.  You two are going to ride like royalty through Central Park.  Then, you’ll disembark at Tavern on the Green where you can propose (if you want).  Okay.  I’m a Romantic with a capital “R.”  Your girlfriend might prefer sports, and we can’t conclude an article about nightlife in New York without mentioning the Yankees, the Met, the Giants, or

the Jets!  The Rangers at Madison Square Garden! Get yourself and ticket and go root for your favorite in any season.  (By the way, the Tavern on the Green is currently undergoing renovations, but it will reopen this summer when the weather is a little better for carriage rides, anyway.)

Lastly, I want to mention the Hudson.  New York City has its skyscrapers, its subways, but a river runs through it, and it’s the Hudson.  How about a nice quiet dinner cruise? I want to see the skyline from a boat (Bateaux, to you).

Wait! I forgot about film.  If you are a film nut, you’ve come to the right place in the Northeast.  Of course, you can find the popular ones, but you can find every new release and the independents!

New York City is a cultural center, day and night. Museums, restaurants, the highest skyscrapers, the most popular clubs, the deepest dives are all available in the Big Apple.  Go ahead! Take a bite!

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