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NewCodeLogic is the central source for all your technology needs.

Its partners and affiliates have been selected for their professionalism and expertise in all areas necessary to operate a web-based business or a simple website. NewCodeLogic has collected, all in one place, all the expertise you need. Its independent businesses have been reviewed and rated by users, so you can pick the people with whom you want to work. NewCodeLogic provides the information to help you make the best selection for your business.

If you are a business owner (or an entrepreneur thinking about starting a business), NewCodeLogic can help find people to put your new business on the web and keep it profitably there.

Until a friend directed me to NewCodeLogic, I was searching all over the web for different kinds of consultants I thought I’d need, but once I discovered NewCodeLogic, I knew I was in a “One Stop Shop.” I only had to tell NewCodeLogic about the nature of my business. They helped direct me to the people with the expertise. With one contact, I had connected with many different resources.

The Cyberspace “Real” Estate: No business, no matter how small, can compete in today’s markets without some web presence. When you buy real estate, you buy a limited footprint. When you buy cyberspace, you buy unlimited profitability. NewCodeLogic provides information of cyberspace consultants with web hosting, design, development and maintenance services. Tell NewCodeLogic your idea for a business. Do you want to offer a product or a service? NewCodeLogic has the “brains” (in a number of consultants) to fit your market. Those consultants can design a website to effectively sell your story.

First, though, you need the cyberspace “realty.” NewCodeLogic offers a provider who creates and maintains the website (hosting). At the same time, you’ll be provided with a web address (domain name) and an email (_____@your domain name) that clients or customers use to connect directly with you and by which you will be known internationally. There won’t be ads with your email except the ads that promote your own company. Plus, you don’t have to worry about growing because NewCodeLogic is going to make sure you have a provider with enough space and speed to handle whatever customer base you achieve. That base will be bigger with NewCodeLogic’s experts’ marketing help.

NewCodeLogic Marketing

NewCodeLogic service providers can get you off to a great start by technologically advanced marketing from the get-go or improving the profitability of your existing business, which might be languishing on the web. NewCodeLogic has the marketing resource specialists who know how to drive customers to your site. You are a specialist in your field. Successful business owners don’t try to be specialists in all fields (being a specialist in none). They know where to find the “know-how.” NewCodeLogic has collected it all for you in its pool of reviewed technology specialists. They know Search Engine Optimization.

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New code logic

You don’t need to know once NewCodeLogic is on your side. You don’t even need to know to ask for an SEO expert. NewCodeLogic helps assess your marketing goals and helps you reach the proper advice.

Closing the Deal. It’s not enough to drive people to your website. They need to stay long enough to learn about your great service or product and to buy. NewCodeLogic has connections with the graphic designers to make your website stand out from the crowd, engage the casual browser and “close the deal” with compelling content. All these experts are affordable and available on NewCodeLogic, which is a clearinghouse for reviewed products and services that are going to increase your profits.

Business “Nuts and Bolts.” Don’t worry about the mechanics of database and e-commerce platforms. NewCodeLogic’s independent experts got it down and will get those platforms up and running smoothly throughout the time you’re counting your increased income. There’s no need for “growing pains” when you have the right help.

You need not worry even about staffing or administrative support. NewCodeLogic can provide choices for data entry service and other staff support including content writers and editors for your website. Banners don’t sell these days. You need content. NewCodeLogic knows writers who can deliver what you need, done right, reliably and affordable. Whatever your need for l

evel of support, right down to basics like spreadsheets, NewCodeLogic partners and affiliates will surpass your expectations, guaranteed.

Hardware & Other Technology. Do you have questions about the kind of hardware you need? Having trouble with your software or concerned about security? NewCodeLogic is the place to go for people who know the answers to all those questions because NewCodeLogic’s goal is to start you up and keep you going, 24/7, with data profitability streams that keep you smiling even in your sleep. NewCodeLogic is the core connector for all the service providers you need.

I had better things to do than to spend extra time trying to figure out how to do a web transition on my own. I wanted one company who could find all the other companies I needed to make my web-based business dream come true. I wanted those companies to be knowledgeable, reliable and affordable. NewCodeLogic produced the information on those people for me. If you try NewCodeLogic, I think you’ll agree it saves any business owner (sole proprietor to corporate) time and money, and, in business, as we know, time is money. Guaranteed.

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