Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls � Sept 2002

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is a good spot to go for a small trip. Best place for couples or anyone on a honeymoon. A good Post 9-11 trip, was my first one after that date. Traveled as a single, its still an amazing place to visit. Lot of sights to see.The Canadian side of the falls is the best part, skip the USA side.  The roar of the river and the power and intensity of the falls is a must see for anyone. So many people in the past have tried to conquer the falls on their own.

Trip On My Own

This was one of my first trips i did on my own. Took off on West-Jet and fly into Hamilton and took the Niagara shuttle to get to Niagara falls.Get a drop off at hotel called the Best Inn. which was a nice little place and walking distance to all the attractions of Niagara Falls.After dropping my bags off. Go for a walk in the area. Walk down Clifton hill and look at all the attractions. Go for lunch at Pizza Pizza. Have a medium pepperoni and a coke. Then walk to the Niagara Casino and walk around.

Visit To Other FallsVisit to other Niagara falls

Then went to visit falls, horseshoe falls and American falls, very impressive site.

The day was very sunny and bright. lots to see.

This was a nice trip. In evening just had a beer at a local bar.

Next few days i rented a car and drove around in the area. Went to St Catherines to a mall and beach. Did a drive to Fort Erie as well. Say Buffalo NY from across the water. lots of steel mills and very dark.

Overall Was a great first time trip. would love to explore the area more some day.

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