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Night Club Clothes Clubbing – “I Have Nothing to Wear!”

11927964_s Night Club ClothesDo you remember, in the movie, As Good as It Gets, when Jack Nicholson was on a road trip and wanted to take his love interest to dinner?  She looked fine, but Jack didn’t wear a jacket or a tie.  The restaurant was willing to loan him something (don’t count on it!) but would not let him in when he declined the offer because his obsessive-compulsive disorder would not let him wear something someone else had worn previously. Fortunately, our hero was able to run to a nearby store and get appropriately dressed.

Men aren’t the only ones who have problems with dress codes.  Almost anyone could have a problem with a nightclub depending on primarily how popular the managers think their nightclub is and how many people want to enter.  A few years back, a twenty-eight year old mother of four was denied admission to “all three” nightclubs in Worcester in the United Kingdom because she was “too old” for her “skimpy outfits.”

Nightclub standards differ around the world, and there’s no telling, for sure, what’s happening in your 5983621_s Night Club Clothesneighborhood, but dress codes of popular nightclub places are available.  Let’s consider Las Vegas. This expert tells the men not to wear “baggy jeans, sports hats, athletic shoes,” pants cut off at the shin-level or higher, “jerseys or beanies.”  Fedoras, this article says, should be okay.  “Bedazzled” clothing is not.  The author cites “ed hardy by Christian Audigier.”   Dress like Jack in a suit coat (no tie), but wear good quality, good condition, right-fitting jeans.  When you combine nice jeans with a sport coat, you look dressed up but relaxed.  The expert thinks sunglasses look stupid in nightclubs.  What do you care, right? Well, women also think they look stupid, Jack, so leave them home.

The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas recently hosted a new line of nightlife hat, the “Lumativ Snapback Hat,”a Kickstarter project.  Obviously, if the Wynn Resort supported it, this kind of clothing may well work if you want to be different. has even better bowler hats.  You can break the “no sunglasses” rule with their glasses.  Ellumiglow also has glow-in-the-dark tape or full glow-in-the-dark costumes.  Remember, however, less is likely more.  You have to check out your individual nightclub.  Most of the upscale clubs in Las Vegas or New York will prefer sleek, probably black, sensual clothing to something completely over the top.  Of course, exceptions are everywhere, and the girls’ dates here are breaking some of the rules, but this might only prove that if you have a beautiful girl on your arm (check out that skirt!), you have a better chance of getting into any club.

17390751_s Night Club ClothesReally popular nightclubs get news coverage.  That means photos.  Watch and learnsleeveless, short and tight.  You’re bound to get lots of contradictory advice when it comes to dressing for nightclubs.  Esquire says, “(Y)ou could be wearing the “right” sneakers in New York and the doorman will know it, but in Vegas you’d be better off wearing black square-toe shoes from Payless.”  Esquire also says not to wear black. Not wear black in New York?!  And, after all I’ve told you about Vegas propriety, you’ll probably go to XS at Wynn and run into the guy (in the madras checked, untucked shirt) holding the enormous pink dildo.

There are plenty of online sites for women to purchase nightclub clothing, and it’s so much fun to shop.  Let’s take a look.  I found this site when Google called it, “Sexy Clubwear – Shop Cheap Club Wear online.” Among the “Most Popular” is what used to be advertised in women’s negligee catalogues.  Seriously, ladies, “Semi-sheer spaghetti silk”? You can get better coverage at Victoria’s Secret. I think you’re better off shopping here for a tube or mini dress.  Victoria’s Secret, by the way, has some nightclub wear.  Check out the “date night” skirts and dresses on this designer-wear outlet.  Ebay seems to sell everything including club wear.

In Bangkok, you want to dress for the squirt gun nightclub fights.  In Argentina, dress for red in the “Funky Room.” Montreal’s Wood35 is a bit more conservative. T-shirts, feathers, sunglasses and hula-hoops rule at Barcelona’s Row 14.  London’s Chinawhite captures a bit of that British reserve (but there’s Prince Harry!).

If I were going to a nightclub and had no clue what people usually wore, I’d keep the skirt short, the shoes tall, the sparkle at the ears, and my hair loose and long.  If it’s Montreal, wear something warm until you can get inside.  Chilblain is so unattractive.

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