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Here is an account from one of my best writers.

Nightclub Drinks let me introduce, When I was in college, I worked as a cocktail waitress in a very tiny lounge in a very big hotel.  We wore cheerleader size Kelly green dresses with white petticoats and white short-sleeve shirts.  Later, when my friend was making more money waitressing banquets, I tried that.  I far preferred serving up lounge chat.
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Why do you suppose people seek out special drinks? I’ve done it, for example, when I wanted to lose weight.  That made me a “Johnny Walker Red with water on the rocks” girl for quite a while.  Once, I traveled to a neighboring state with a hell-raising girlfriend.  The two of us bought a Delft liquor bottle because it was so pretty.  The liqueur was pretty good, too.  If you fly KLM Business or Royal Class, you can become collectors of a whole set of miniature Delft houses which are, in fact, liquor bottles filled with Dutch Genever (gin). KLM has been doing this since 1952. Our Delft bottle contained something like chocolate as I dimly recall.  Indeed, it was chocolate mint. You could camouflage the taste, but I recommend you drink it straight or on the rocks.

The five most popular nightclub “girl” drinks now, according to one report, are:  champagne, vodka tonic, Sex on the Beach (vodka, Schnapps, cream, orange juice, and cranberry juice), Mojito (rum, lime juice, soda water, and mint leaves), and the Cosmo (vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and lime juice – Oh Lordy, aren’t we done with Sex and the City, yet?), and Jack and Coke (Jameson Irish Whiskey and Coke).

Give me a good Irish whiskey in hot, dark coffee topped with real whipped cream for dessert.  After that, I’m ready to go home — preferably from an Irish pub where I can bring along a charming Irish brogue. (Or was that “rogue”?)

I have had Mojitos on a wharf in Maine and beneath a slightly swaying canopy on a dock in Belize.  I adore Hemingway, but, frankly, Mojitos don’t do it for me.  They just seem bland.

“Drink (Margaritas) to enjoy life.” (So thought Kerouac.)  I used to drink them in Mexico, too, at Harry’s (now “Hank’s”), but the “two for one”s there are so strong, I had to give them up.  One night I had too much.  My Texan friend and I had been enjoying his new cell phone, which could identify any song playing at the bar.  Before I knew it, I “was one too many Margaritas” gone, so I said, “You’re walking me home.” He contemplated that thought (I was looking pretty good), but he said, “I’ll put you in a cab.”

“Nope. I’m too drunk.”  You have to have a certain level of sobriety to even take a cab alone at night.  So, he walked me home, arm in arm, just a few blocks.  Then, when we got out front, he asked (as I unlocked the gate), “Who’s walking me home?” I considered that.  “Gee,” I said, “I don’t know.  Good night.” And I went inside.

“Good night,” he called to the closing gate. I know he got home all right because I saw him the next day.  It’s good to have friends when your liquor takes you by surprise.16674404_s Nightclub Drinks

The most popular Las Vegas drinks include the Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice), White Russian (vodka, coffee liqueur and cream – “The Dude abides.”), and vodka and Red Bull, the energy drink. I think some people drink vodka because they believe it has no odor.  Well, as you may have surmised, this is not entirely true.  Why would you drink something because it’s odorless unless you have something to hide? I say, if you’re going to drink, keep that drink right out in front.  If it’s something to hide, probably you should stop.

I really don’t know why anyone would drink a Screwdriver.  I mean why taint good orange juice with vodka and why have a breakfast drink at night? I’ve had liquor for breakfast once, but it was a special occasion.  We were staying in a remodeled stable in a hotel on the northwest coast of Ireland.  “Bailey’s in oatmeal” was on the menu.  Of course I tried it, and I would have it every morning (because oatmeal is good for you), but I think Bailey’s might be a bit fattening.  So, I limit my intake of Bailey’s with oatmeal to special occasions.  Let’s see, I think tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of my first divorce.  See? Another special occasion.  Even Bailey’s website does not have Bailey’s with oatmeal.  I tell it only to you.

Corona actually sells a beer and tomato juice in the can. I just tried it in Zihuatenajo because when I gave up Margarita’s, I picked up Micheladas. Make your Michelada just like a Bloody Mary, but use very cold Corona instead of vodka, use lime, and salt the rim.

Fraise Sauvage, “Plymouth Gin shaken with Wild Strawberries & Tahitian Vanilla, topped off with Zardetto Prosecco di Conegliano Brut,” is the most popular cocktail at New York City’s Employees Only.  Pranna’s top-selling drink is the Dragonfly.  According to the “consulting mixologist,” the Dragonfly consists of, “orange-peel-infused Level Vodka, Thai chili, kalamanzi honey and lemon juice, served straight up.” Nightclub and Bar Magazine reports, in an article called “Stylish Sips: What cocktails are hot around the country,” tropical drinks are popular in Miami.

4823310_s Nightclub Drinks The Mondrian Hotel’s lounge is selling cachaça.  I confess I had no idea what this was even though I’ve traveled in Mexico and speak a little Spanish. Apparently, it’s also known as “Brazilian rum.”  I know a guy who will take you up to a Mexican mountaintop and let you ingest with the natives something that gives you insight into the way the world goes round, but you have to climb a very big mountain first.  Maybe we should stick to the Mondrian lounge. Bring me to a red oriental carpet on an outside deck overlooking the harbor, and I’ll try any drink you want.

I only drink in moderation, and sunset is a great time.  Did you know that even though alcohol makes you drowsy, it could also interrupt your sleep cycles? Maybe if you’re drinking vodka with Red Bull like they do in Vegas, there’s some kind of depressant/stimulant offset, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Have you just encountered your long lost lover in a lounge, and you’re ready to say, “Play it again, Sam”? Order a French 75.  Just met your 007? Order a Vesper Martini.

“Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?”
-Casino Royale

Be sure to say that with a British accent.

I don’t fantasize much about drink, but one day, I’m gonna buy me a big hat and wear it to the Kentucky Derby where I expect to bet on a winning horse.  If Ah don’t, like Faulkner, I’ll just take a sip of my mint julep, and announce, “Isn’t anythin’ Ah got whiskey won’t cure.”

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