Northern Ontario Adventure Day 1 and 2

dday 1 oct 12 2017

Today get up and head out for a 10 day adventure of Northern Ontario
Today will be heading to Sault Ste Marie to do some mt biking on their local trails.

as this will be a road trip all the way. So head out and its cloudy today but nice.
finally make it through town and on to the hwy and head off to my first stop is nipigon
been some time since i was last in this nice town. head down to the water front and from there go for a walk/ take a nice view of the new bridge and the fall leaves are great colours.

leave there and head out of town towards my next stop going to be Rossport/ plan is to hike to Rainbow falls. On arrival i read the trail map and realized it will be about 10 km one way to get to the water falls. at this time not really into that and prepared and seems my day light hours might be limited. decide to abort and save for a another day.

then on route head towards terrace bay and check out the falls here
the falls is Aguasabon Falls and gorge. I arrive in parking lot and no one else is there. make my way down the walk way to the falls and they are roaring.very amazing. flow of water head towards all way down to lake. So i head drive down to the beach past the nice golf course and end up the exit port of the river. another set of falls in front, very amazing.
from here i walk around on the local beach and its one of the nicests beaches i seen in a long time.
on route head to schreiber and take a photo of the old train station,had job interview there a few years ago.
them onward to Marathon to get some gas and food at the Extra Foods. Gas about 10 cents cheaper then off the highways.
overall quite cool regardless.
on route into white river, i was having enough of wearing my shoes, so i stopped and went barefoot to drive rest of way, what a nice relief
stopping a few times on route at Old Women cove and a few other spots
being october sun goes down early, so i had to cancel my planned stop in pancake bay. as iwas going to hike to a lookout,but late and i am tired.

finally after with all my stops, i arrived into ssmarie, after dark
hungry and no food so i go through drive thru of macdonals and get a big mac great ness
then drive to motel, which almost .5 km and road is torn up, so i have to drive another 6 km out just to move that .5km .
check in is good
at the Bel Air Motel, simple place stayed here 20 years go
has not changed they even have a VCR in room and VCR movies to rent
rest of evening is just resting as a big day for next.
thanks for reading, onward to day 2



Day 2

Oct 13 2017

Day 2 of the northern ontario adventure. today is plan to do some riding of the local trails.
seems to be an easy slow mo day today. on no schedule, so going to take this easy the whole way.
get up and still dark, so have my remaining fruit in the room. Then head out to Metro to pick up some food. cant beat peanut butter and buns and bananas.
get my potassium up for the day then are off. get ready the bike and plan it out.
so then head out on the bike. up north of the city about 10km to the trail head of the Hiawatha Highlands. basically its a conservation area. trails are a mix of hiking and biking.
Riding the trails it is a good system. well organized, good signage. and lots of trails, you could ride for quite a few km out there, the fall colours are something to see as well.

i could on for a long time about the trail rides but that can be quite tiresome.. over all the mt biking in SS marie area is amazing. lots of trails and good variety for sure.

i at one point did get lost and ended up at a shooting range during course of my ride over all a good time.

after trails i did ride back to my motel, about 10km but mostly downhill. do a cool down and clean up at motel.

Then a quick nap. then dinner tonight was i walked to cambrian mall and had some chinese food. very nice. back to motel and wrote this blog. thanks for reading. onward to sudbury for tomorrow

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