Novgorod, Russia May 2006 – A messy day

Novgorod, Russia May 2006 – A messy day Novgorod Travel,June 18th, 2009

Today is another day. However its not going to be all that good. I wake up this morning and barely can get up. My mouth is like cardboard, my guts are all shot, I feel like getting sick, my skin is all balmy and pale. Its like a train has hit me and is still tracking me down the road.

I am abit hungover, but its more then that, I feel like the flu as I have the chills. I don’t make it down for breakfast this morning as I don’t feel like it. I get ready and pack my things and literrally crawl my way to our Contiki bus. We are off to Novgord today, however we are doing a morning still in Saint Petersburg, while Lee, our driver, gets the bus cleaned.1294122_12453651614273_bigthumb Novgorod, Russia May 2006

We get on the bus and as we are moving, the urge to get sick is there, so I have to resort to using the wonderful on board bathroom, using the (drunk) bags in the process. Its not pretty.

We get off near a marketplace. can’t stay on board, I feel so bad. I struggle to walk around the open market and I am in really bad pain. I tell the group I am going to go lie in the nearby park for a few hours.

Its really cold out today, last few days was 25C and now its 5C with a big windchill, very cold. I go and lie in a park by some bushes and try to rest. Its not good scene, as I am yelling in pain because its only way to relieve the pressure. I am there suffering in the bushes with the round of throwing up ever 4 minutes, I think I am loosing my stomach or something here.
At one point I go to do some vomiting spell, when I Was done, there was this group of Japanese tourists looking at me and were smiling and taking photos of me!!. I think they thought I was some type of drunken Russian man, so I smile and wave back to them, too funny.

1294122_12453651619156_bigthumb Novgorod, Russia May 2006Finally I make my way back to where our bus is going to wait and get on board and lie across my seat. It is going to be a long long ride to Novgorod, as I am in pain and every movement I make or experience, It feels like my stomach is going to explode!!! Severe cramping!!

The journey to Novgorod is long and interesting, as every bump I feel, made my stomach go boom each time.

Finally we arrive into Novgorod which is about my following description:Veliky Novgorod (Russian: �’ели́кий Но́вгород; literally The Great Novgorod) is the foremost historic city of North-Western Russia[1] and the administrative center of Novgorod Oblast. It is situated on the M10 federal highway connecting Moscow and St.

Petersburg. Translated from Russian, its name means roughly “The Great New City” or “The Big New City”. The city lies along the Volkhov River just below its outflow from Lake Ilmen. Population: 216,856.
This city is where the original Kremlin was, used to be the capital at one time.

We go to our hotel, and leave our bags, at this point I am in serious pain, however I still push it through like a trooper.

We go off on a tour to see original kremlin and see many sights, dispute my pain. The following we go and see.St Sophia Cathedral, built between 1045 and 1050 under the patronage of Vladimir Yaroslavich, the son of Yaroslav the Wise

Among later structures, the most remarkable are a royal palace (1771) and a bronze monument to the Millennium of Russia, representing the most important figures from the country’s historyThe Novgorod Kremlin, traditionally known as the Detinets, also contains the oldest palace in Russia

Outside the kremlin walls, there are three large churches constructed during the reign of Mstislav the Great.1294122_12453651616870_bigthumb Novgorod, Russia May 2006

All of these things are totally amazing, I am so glad that I made it here and did not go to bed, as I in real life should have.

Anyhow We go back to our hotel, and its someones birthday today, I think its Mel’s birthday so the group is gonna have a party.
Except for me, I am no shape for this, so I turn in early which is like 7pm. Not good but its life. And no food for me tonight as I have to get rid of this crazy bug. At this time, my stomach feel like someone is hammering a nail into it.

Anyhow Its nighty night now. Stay tuned for my next blogs. Going to Moscow.

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