Novgorod to Moscow Travel Day – May 2006

Novgorod to Moscow Travel Day – May 2006 Moscow Travel,June 18th, 2009

Today I get up and feel a lot better then last few days. Almost like I am cured or something. So i get ready and actually go town for breakfast and successfully eat up the yogurt and cereal, a start of a good day.
We get onto the bus and play our them song “ras putin” again, been hear this for last many many days.
We head off on the road on route to Moscow today, a very very long bus ride.
On the long drive to Moscow our first stop was a petrol station with an ill-kept menagerie. It had warthogs, a bear and other sad-looking animals in cages, very small cages They wouldn’t pose for my camera because they were sad.1294122_1245376807523_bigthumb Novgorod to Moscow Travel Day - May 2006

At this point we get onto the bus again. For some reason the pain in my ribs has come back again and I am true agony pain all over again.

So from here its another 6 hours straight on bus to Moscow, to which we wont be stopping at hotel and just doing a city tour.

We stop for lunch in some town with a Macdonald’s in it. People tell me to eat a big mac and I will feel better, but no, I can’t even think of food at this moment. Instead I tour the Macdonalds bathroom to which it passed the most cleaninest award, again like any Rotten Ronny’s food.

Once in the city we pick up our local guide named Galina, who is a lady in her 50’s and has lived through all of the time frames of communism to present time in Moscow. She tells us the low down of Russia and communism,Galina is a Force of Nature. She talked about how things were under Communism. Pretty fucked up. She warned us about the present-day possibility of being “arrested” for not having a passport–Russian hotels keep your passport and give you an ID card that the police are supposed to recognize, but for want of a bribe they will often take you for a ride anyway, even though ultimately there’s nothing they can do.

We did see them hassling an Asian tourist at St. Basil’s so the threat was credible.
We do a tour of the city and she explains it to all of us. Our First stop is around in Klin to see Tchaikovsky’s house, but it was covered in scaffolding and thus unphotographable. I still saw it, though.1294122_12453767971926_bigthumb Novgorod to Moscow Travel Day - May 2006

We then make it to Red Square and St Basils Cathedral, for a group photo. Here my pain is the worst. We get off the bus and the group walks to the Red Square. However I am forced to walk very slow and slug it behind everyone as I am extreme pain, but I am determined to make it to the Red Square, I made it across the world for this moment, now here I am!

Red Square is not red but a grey and its quite a view, St Basils Cathedral is here, the main buildings, Lenin, and the GUM store,Quite amazing.

We make it to the group photo and its like my victory lap, of hope. Finally we leave and head back to the bus, we will be coming back to Red Square later on.
The other sites we see are the Novodevichy Convent and Swan Lake. Galina had us check before we left to make sure no girls in the group had joined the convent. I would have liked some time to try to negotiate trades. Enormous Peter the Great statue and Moscow skyline and 1980 Olympic stadium. AS well the Moscow State University. Moscow has 7 of these identical Stalinist buildings known as the Seven Sisters.

Moscow is quite the city, very modern and seem to be alot of wealth here. Its a great place to experience.
Finally we make it to our hotel, which is totally amazing new. Its a 5 star hotel and really grand.

1294122_12453767996807_bigthumb Novgorod to Moscow Travel Day - May 2006There is a fantastic all you can eat buffett for dinner tonight, but I can’t make it since I am in so much pain, that I might die if i eat.

So I take my key and make it to my room, and I am mad at this point and toss my suit case against the wall. All well.

I go to bed for awhile then I am woken up by one of the tour mates (Kate from Australia) is kind enough for me and gives me some meds. I take all of these meds and hope things get better. I go to sleep and hope for the best in the morning.

Stay tuned for the result of this in my next day blog!!

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