On Route to Sweden

On Route to Sweden Stockholm Travel,May 8th, 2006

Today is a good day. We are leaving Copenhagen and going off on route to Sweden to our final destination in Stockholm.

Start off the day with a nice breakfast of cold cuts and bread and water. A great Feast.

We get onto our bus and head off to Sweden, With our theme song of a Russia Dictator to start the day off right.

We get to the town of Helsingor to catch ferry across to get to Sweden. We drive our bus onto the ferry.On Route to Sweden

The ferry sets off across the water and we end up at the town of Helsingborg, in Sweden and stop for lunch at a mall.

There is a big IKEA store since Sweden is the birthplace of Ikea. Go check out the store and go for lunch in the mall of some great swedish meatballs.
Quite good.
Back onto the bus for trip to Stockholm.

On route to Stockholm, we have a introduction game, Where everyone has to go to front of the bus and tell abit about themselves and mention their status by a either a Red light, yellow light or green light.
Most people say yellow light and are on the trip to see Russia.

The Colonel goes to front of bus and tells everyone his life story. He mentions he is on a quest to find a women and that he is a Green light.
Crazy guy.On Route to Sweden

We arrive into Sweden stockholm to our Campsite, which is called Angy Camping of Angry Camping. This campsite is quite nice.

We leave our bags and head into the city for a bit and go for dinner at a good restaurant. Have moose tonight with beer its great.
We buy some beer at the 7-11 and go back to campsite.

Tonight as a group we gather some firewood and go to the river in our campsite and have bon fire. We drink beer around the campfire with group and its a great time.

Good fun group. We listen to all the funny stories by the Colonel of his plans for the trips.
its the beginning of a good time.
tomorrow we are off to explore Stockholm city.
So off to bed and more blogs later stay tuned.

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