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Orbitz is one of the leading companies providing customers with an array of products in relation Orbitz travel and leisure service. They span throughout the US and Europe through it’s principal site and subsidiaries under Cheaptickets.com and Ebookers.com. Clients can choose between flights, hotels, cars, activities and cruises to plan their entire vacation through a single website. These options can be combined in order to provide greater savings through packages that are offered on the site. 2013 TOP DEAL_Caribbean_Save 30% at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

A price assurance guarantee states that they will refund 110% of your purchase if you can find a better price. If you read the fine print, you’ll discover that the money is returned back in the form of a credit that you can use on future purchases. This statement declares that it will continue to track your pricing until another customer purchases the same package for less, in which case, Orbitz will process your “credit”. I find this somewhat doubtful since it states that it’s competing with itself.
Claiming that they are free of fees is their second bullet point on what makes them different from other travel websites. If you cancel or change reservations Orbitz won’t charge you a fee, but the hotel they booked you with has every right to come after you for their own fee. It’s just not a fee from Orbitz. Like most major banks, when you use the telephone and speak to anyone who isn’t a robot, there can be a $25 fee. There is also a cruise booking fee of $24.99. Other than what is listed, there are several paragraphs of fine print when it comes to these two promotions of price assurance and the lack of booking fees. Make sure you know the rules before you decide to participate.

Sometimes when you have a lot of free time and open options, it can be nice to use the flexible date feature that will help you find the lowest rate based on days after and before your target date. While many other sites are broadening this feature to a week before and after, it’s nice to know that Orbitz is accommodating to the customer and progressing.
Until recently, Orbitz had a feature called Deal Detector that mysteriously disappeared without any statement from Orbitz. This program would keep track of programmed fare changes for 3 of your favorite destinations. While this would have an appeal to the traveler waiting for a good deal, on their favorite destinations, it is assumed among internet discussions that there is a new product on it’s way to replace the Deal Detector.PROMO_Save 5% off Hotel Booking with code ORBITZSAVE5
In terms of price, Orbitz is usually at the forefront of the discussion, but cannot match Kayak’s ability to metasearch across different platforms and competitors. For someone looking solely at price, more often than not, Orbitz will be competitive with any of it’s competitors and is not far away from being the best. The travel deal section advertises blowout sales that are specific to certain times and dates. If you’re extremely flexible or lucky, you can save up to 50% on a package. Since most people don’t live very close to docks or ports, it can be advantageous to package together your flight and cruise to achieve savings on both sides.
As technology progresses, travel retailers must release applications to run along with smartphones. Orbitz has platforms on both iPhone and Android that are rated fairly high amongst user reviews. From your smartphone, you can shop for all products as well as view current reservations and flight updates.
Another major draw to this online travel agent is the depth of their activities. You can choose from hundreds of activities while packaging them into your hotel, car and flight to get a better deal. Because of the packages, you can save significant amounts in comparison to major activities sites such as Ticketmaster.com. For those shopping vacations, the packages can help with the decision making while simplifying the process completely.


The use of the website has been streamlined to give the customer a price matrix where they can compare and customize their different aspects of the vacation. Along with easy to read customer reviews, the customer can see consumer opinions in regards to amenities, cleanliness, hotel staff, room comfort, location and value. Search results can be filtered and sorted based on price or review ratings. One can also see the reviews of certain demographics such as business, couples, singles and/or LGBT.

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Competitive in pricing and service, the appeal of it’s layout and ease of use is what will draw customers in the future. This up and coming company that focused only on flights 10 years ago, has expanded it’s portfolio in order to service all the needs of today’s modern traveler. We can see that Orbitz.com is constantly innovating itself in order to meet the needs of the modern consumer and create a easy process to setup a vacation.


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