Ottawa – Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

Ottawa – Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

Ottawa - Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

We left Montreal this morning on board the VIA Rail to get to Ottawa for our final leg of our trip. We make it to the station in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. My bag that I left in the storage bin is missing, I get off the train and the attendant is holding my bag. Saying some old lady took it thinking it was her’s, as if.

Anyhow, we get into our taxi and go off the our hotel, Capital Hill and Suites in Downtown Ottawa. Its a great hotel and we get a suite as our room.  It is a great hotel, with 3 bedrooms and 3 TVs and a double sink bathroom.
We have a nice view of the bus stop outside our window.

Now it is time for lunch, so we head out walking in Ottawa. We go down a street of Elgin St and look for somewhere to eat.

Ottawa - Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

Ticket to Ottawa

We end up at the Mayflower pub. It is a nice pub, with a good looking server. We have I think some fish and chips and Alexander Keiths.
You can tell that we are back in Ontario now, as things are more stricter here and less free type of thing.

Anyhow, after lunch we go walking for some sightseeing. We make it down the government areas to the city hall of Ottawa, it is an amazing looking building, very historical looking. We make it to Gatineau Park and many other nice parks. We walk along the famous Rideau Canal which in winter time is a huge skating rink. We stop at the famous hotel Fair mount Chateau Laurier which is very grand in itself. Many important people stay here, so go in and say “hi”.

We make it down to the Ottawa Locks, which controls the flow of water from the Ottawa river flowing into the Rideau Canal.

Ottawa - Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

It is quite an interesting site and Luke was very fascinated by it. From here we can see the Alexandra Bridge which connects Ontario with Quebec. quite neat.
We then make it towards Parliament Hill, the main brainchild of Canada. We tour around the grounds and look at all the many monuments and statues here. Very amazing place, I suggest all you trav buddies come visit here.

We then do the tour of Parliament, its free for everyone. We had to line up and wait awhile, then finally we enter the building. Had to go through a big security check to get inside, but then again we are in the Prime Minister’s place, so behave yourself.

Everywhere you go, we are fully watched by the security people here, in case something happens.
It is an amazing building, we go to the house of commons, the media room, and many other chambers of the building.

Ottawa - Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

We go to the hall of where all the past Prime Ministers have pictures on the wall, including Brian Mulroney. We continue with our tour, we wanted to go up the tower, but to our disadvantage, it was closed when we got there, all well.

We then leave the Parliament Hill and head outside of the gates. To my surprise I come across a familiar statue. It is a statue of Terry Fox, we have a statue like him in Thunder Bay. So they stole the idea maybe. Anyhow, its a good tribute to this special man, regardless.

We head back to the hotel for a relaxation before the big game tonight. The game tonight is Ottawa vs Toronto Maple Leafs, it gonna be a big one.

Around 530pm ,we head downstairs and go outside to the bus stop.

Ottawa - Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

our suite

We are told there is a special city bus that goes to the hockey arena. Only 3 dollars and starts leaving at 530pm. Well we get out there and there is many other people doing the same thing. The weather now is very cold and very very windy. We are determined to get onto that bus. A taxi same distance is like 50 bucks on way, so we want to save money.
Finally about 30 minutes before game time, the bus arrives, by this time we are all frozen cold and mad, cause we had to wait so long.

We cram onto this bus full of other hockey people, I have a big big lady’s great big bum in my face the whole time to the hockey arena, that how crowded it was, never again!

We finally make it to the Scotia bank place in good time, but we run to our seats just about 10 minutes before game starts.

Ottawa - Ottawa the Capital of Canada Day 1

downtown Ottawa

The stadium is full of an even amount of Toronto and Ottawa fans. During one intermission the camera zoomed onto a Canadian Celebrity, ends up Ricky from the Trailer Park boys was in the audience.

It is a good game, however Toronto got their asses wiped in this one. Ottawa beat them 5 to 1 from the beginning. The Toronto fans are  quite sad and quiet rest of the game. Poor Luke was so upset that he had to eat a small hotdog and a warm Coca-Cola during the game as his last meal. I could describe rest of game, but the photos say it all.

Anyways after the game, we run back and push our way onto the bus again. Again I get someone’s bum in my face again for the whole trip back into downtown Ottawa.
I decide at this point, I would never go to another game in Ottawa as I would never want to go on this bus again. I am not a fan of having big old hairy bums in my face all the time.

We make it back to the hotel at a good decent hour and call it a night. This was Luke’s last night on the trip,as he leave back home tomorrow to see extra time with Anna, his finance , lol.
Stay tuned for next day entry.

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