Our full day in Stockholm, Sweden – Exciting

Our full day in Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Travel,May 9th, 2006

Today we are up for another adventure. We are going to explore the city of Stockholm today.

We get up this morning and have breakfast. Since we are at campsite we are having a picnic breakfast by the bus.
Juice boxes and buns, a real feast. I have two extra serving of apple juice. and one bun.Our full day in Stockholm, Sweden

First a low down on Stockholm, if you ask someone who has visited Stockholm the first word they would probably use to describe it is “beautiful” and that it is. Stockholm is a major international city with great shopping, quality eateries in abundance, fabulous standard hotels, an internationally renowned club and music scene and a vibrant cultural life. Where Stockholm comes into its own however is its sheer, natural beauty.
Our first stop today is to the City Hall of Stockholm, its a very grand building, this city has over 9 mayor governing it, quite different.
Our full day in Stockholm, SwedenA really neat looking building with lots to offer and many rooms. We did the guided tour of the building and it was amazing, so many photo graphs.
Then we hung around outside on the lawn and gazed into the many Canals the city has to offer, very picturesque.

Afterwards we board the bus and head to the grand palace and old town of the city. Quite a neat area as well, with lots of cobblestone streets. Its a very historic portion of the city, highly recommended. We stop for lunch at a kabob shop again. Which was quite convenient and great food.
Then we are off for free time, a bunch of us go to the ferry boats and do a boat tour of the Canal, quite interesting.
view of old town
The place is so clean and big and its a nice day. Very sunny out today and lots of people around. This is a very nice looking city and everyone should come here to see it.
From there we go to the VASA museum, an old boat from the early centuries that was raised from the sea and restored. It is totally amazing, you must check out my photos on this. This ship is huge and I love it. Afterwards we go outside to have ice cream and being a nice day hang in the nearby park. The day is very sunny and there lots of wonderful looking bikini clad women in the park everywhere, feast for the eyes.Our full day in Stockholm, Sweden

We then go back into the town and head back to the pedestrian mall, its evening now so its time for dinner. We go to this one restaurant and have some deer for supper, and beer. At dinner, we sit with the Colonel who is very rude to the server and only orders a cheeseburger as he refuses to eat european food, a different person.
After dinner we go to the amazing hotel, where this Ice Bar is. Ice Bar, is a room which the entire bar is made of ice, the walls, the entire bar, the stools and the glasses served are all frozen ice. We have to wear these silver jackets to ice doesn’t melt, We drink some type of Russia style drink and its amazing, take many photos of us in the bar.

Then afterwards, a bunch of us head out to bar for the weekend, by this time we are a bit smashed from ice bar and are piggy backing on each other. Quite funny. WE go to bar and music is ok, but its all top 20 songs all in Swedish.

Then get into taxi and back to Campsite, where are cab driver got lost, briefly, so we have to walk 10 minutes on the road back to camp.
Anyways back to bed for another adventure tomorrow.

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