Pacha Ibiza

So Pacha Ibiza was the highlight of my trip, I went to David Guetta and Will I am’s F*** ME IAM FAMOUS PARTY on a Thursday night..

I think that there 2ways of doing this, the right way and wrong way.. The wrong way is expensive, and the right way is ridiculously expensive…

We did it the right way, so as we are a big group we managed to book a table in the VIP area that night.. It was for 10people and the cost was E2000, which we were able to purchase alcohol with (almost 6 bottles and a lot of shots)..

So we arrive at the club and there was around 500 people in a que outside all with tickets trying to get in.. Since that wasn’t the case for us, the club manager and escort took us straight to our table right above the dance floor facing the DJ stand..

We were sitting down with a number of celebrities around us, footballers, singers, olympic champions u name it… We really got the VIP treatment but obviously had to pay for it..

Looking at it from another point of view, if I purchased a regular ticket, waited outside for an hour, had no place to sit, lost all my friends, crowded with stinky people on the dance floor, bought 4drinks worth E25 each (min) that’s already E170 with inconvenience… Otherwise I could just pay E200 upfront each with friends and get a bottle..

It was an amazing experience – good luck trying to book a table though.. UR best bet is to call and email pacha 1 month in advance or go through a VIP concierge service.

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