Peru and its People

Peru and its People

I would very much like to share with you my thoughts on Peru and its people.
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It was strange, as, for a place that was thousands of miles away from anywhere that I have ever been before, I felt strangely at home..

It reminded me of several places that I have been before.. Morocco, Thailand and the Kulu Valley at the base of the Indian Himalayas.

In many cases the scenery was reminiscent; for example, going through the atlas mountains in morocco was very like the road to Arequipa; barren stark landscape and dizzying switch-back roads. I kept looking for mineral and fossil stalls by the roadside, but of course there were none. And the the coursing river running through Aguas Caliantes, with its stunning mountain backdrop could almost have been the mighty Beas river running through the Himalayas.

And the Peruvian people reminded me of others too. All too often the people that I met were poor, but they had a simple dignity. They welcomed strangers and were extremely pleased if you took the time to talk to them. Even if in guide book Spanish and ge

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stures.. And those who could talk English were very pleased to tell you about themselves and their world.

It is not perfect by any means. There is no state pension and wages are terribly low ( I was told $400 roughly per month for an average worker). Although education is free, many childrens’ parents cannot afford the books or uniform in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunity. And very few Peruvians have seen the treasures of their homeland as they cannot visit Machu Picchu or fly above the Inc

a Lines because the cost to do so is prohibitive.

So, this vibrant colourful

country and it people both charmed me, and made me a little sad. Sad that what I take for granted in my home in England of decent wages, equality, full child education and a state pension are not the norm here.

But on the other hand, the people do not dwell on what they have not got like at home.. they make the most of life, smile and welcome the visitor.

I loved Peru and would certainly like to visit again, but next time the quieter, less touristy places.

This article was written by Helen P a writer and Travbuddy on the site of Travbuddy. Her page can be seen here. Helen’s Travbuddy.

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