Pittsburgh Day 1 – Oct 2016

Day 1 – Oct 17 2016

– Early morning start – around 4am wake up and get to Thunder Bay Airport
Check in with Porter Airlines, a good airline to fly with.
Board plane and get my window seat for the first leg of the trip.
Plane takes off at 6am and it is still dark out. Fly up into clouds for flight to Toronto.
Overall a good flight, have a nap on route. On arrival into Toronto, very foggy, landing at the Toronto Island airport. still very foggy. Even though the airport is just downtown, i could not see the CN tower. Have a 3 hour layover at the airport. Enjoy some complimentary, tea and have my protein bar to eat. Do some internet searching on the computers in waiting area.
Finally board the 2nd flight to get to Pittsburgh.

A Good flight only about an hour. On landing in Pittsburgh. Get to see the area. Very hilly and lots of trees. Very warm out it seems about 27C it seems. So going to be good day.
Plane lands at airport. Customs is easy, almost walk through. Then get taxi get to my hotel in downtown. 25 minute taxi ride, driver is listening to Jamaican music whole time.
Arrive at my hotel the Cambria Suites which is right beside the hockey arena, used to be called Consol Centre, now its the PPG Arena.
I will have a hotel review separate in this entry
Check in to hotel and get to room which is amazing. So i then head out for a random walk of downtown. taking in the photos of whole area. Very nice, seems to be a great city, lots of people, very clean. many neat things to see. As this is just my orientation walk. After a while decide its time for some food. I find this nice bar and grill place near the Convention centre. I have 2 beers and a Traditional Burger. I will have full review separate to this.
Afterward back to hotel for a small nap. Before the game.
So back onwards and head to the PPG Paints Arena for hockey.
Game is Penguins vs the Colorado Avalanche.
Have good seats at the lower spot of the 2nd level, very good seats. Arena is good, comfortable seating and good view of the ice.
Game was good. Went into over time. Teams were tied up the whole time. Till the end where Colorado scored 30 seconds into OT. That was it. Good time as first day in trip has gone well. Onward to 2nd day


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