Planning the Perfect Maui Honeymoon? 3 Things to Look For

Planning the Perfect Maui Honeymoon? 3 Things to Look For

Did you know that Maui is one of the top honeymoon destinations? The honeymoon experience in Maui should be the perfect capstone to a lovely wedding experience.  While you may be exhausted from meticulously planning out the events of your wedding and meeting with all of your guests,  that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to enjoy yourselves when you first embark on the rest of your lives together.

It will be a lot easier to make plans if you integrate your honeymoon in to the planning process of your wedding.  You may also be curious about some of the basics behind planning one of these get away events.  This guide can help get you started on what you need to know about setting up the dream honeymoon vacation.  Here are just a few things to look out for after you’ve walked down the aisle!beach


Make all your reservations ahead of time

The sooner you can make this basic reservations, the better off you will be.  You may want to think about booking your flight and hotel room before you even start making plans for your wedding.  This will help make sure that you have everything taken care of when you focus your attention on the wedding details.  You can also find much better deals when you are able to plan this far in advance.  Some hotels offer great deals to guests who can book rooms during the off season.  You may even be able to get cut rate deals on your flight tickets as well.


Consider all of your options

When you are scoping out all of the vacation rentals Maui has to offer, feel free to keep your mind open.  Most people will naturally tend to gravitate towards beach areas.  The only downside is that you will find these options to be much more expensive than usual.  Some people may want to think about moving inland a little.  This will be an unorthodox way to experience Maui, but it is becoming increasingly popular over time.  The area inland will be more densely packed with trees, so it could be the perfect option for green minded couples.  You can still drive from your hotel to the beach in only a matter of minutes.  The entire island of Maui is not exceptionally big, so you will never be too far off from the sun and the sand at any point!



Take advantage of your newlywed status

People all over the world will want to know that you have been recently married.  Many people will naturally want to help you celebrate one of the happiest times in your lives.  Some hoteliers may be willing to provide you with some discounts or possibly even upgrade your room.  They may also want to tell you about great local restaurants that will cater to newlyweds.  There may even be other newlyweds who could share the experience with you.

Maui is an iconic way to spend a honeymoon, so make sure you do everything you can enjoy it. You’ll have enough stress leading up to your wedding day – the relaxation part (your honeymoon) shouldn’t be one of those stressors. Follow through with the advice above and make your honeymoon vacation in Maui the second best part of your experience (the first being “I do!”).


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Tim Raines is a travel agent with over 25 years’ experience in the Maui area. In his free time, Tim enjoys blogging about the different site and activities that can be found on the Island of Maui.

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